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51 Fascinating Facts about UAE That You Must Know!

What comes to your mind when you think of United Arab Emirates? We think of rubies, amazing food, shopping, rich history and opulent buildings. The United Arab Emirates is basically an Arabian Peninsula Nation along the Arabian Gulf. There are 7 emirates in the country such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. From extravagant leisure activities to majestic shopping centers and structures, the United Arab Emirates or UAE is an attractive destination for job seekers and travelers. We have listed the 51 Fascinating Facts about UAE That You Must Know! Take a quick look.

  1. Gold – You can withdraw Gold Bars from Dubai’s ATM Machines.
  2. Island – Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island in Dubai which can be seen from space. The island looks interesting from up above.
  3. Renewable Resource – UAE invests majorly in solar power.
  4. Export – UAE is a major oil exporter.
  5. First Airport in Gulf Region – Sharjah in UAE is the first place where an airport was established.
  6. Climate – The climate of UAE is usually dry and hot. The hottest months in UAE are July and August.
  7. Connectivity – Dubai Metro is one of the Longest Metro Network in the World.
  8. Opulent Buildings – Dubai’s Princess Tower is the second largest residential tower in the World. It has 101 floors. Dubai is home to more than 400 skyscrapers! You will find the world’s best residential complexes and hotels in UAE.
  9. Shopping – Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. The most famous things to buy in Dubai are Pashmina, dates, Arabic perfumes, spices, carpets, gold and Shisha Kits and much more.
  10. Courier – There is no system of postal code, zip code or area code in Dubai. If you want to send a package to someone, you need to write the directions of the home.
  11. Festival – The residents living on the 80th floor in Dubai have to wait for an extra two minutes in order to break their Ramadan fast. They will be able to see the sun for long than the ones on the ground. Ramadan is the most popular festival in UAE.
  12. Beautiful Beaches – Fujairah in UAE is a great place for nature lovers. If you like snorkeling or diving, Fujairah is the best place. The coral reef and clean water makes this an ideal place for vacations.
  13. Population – Even though it is called the United Arab Emirates, the Arab population is very less. The population includes Indians, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis.
  14. Theme Park – Ferrari owns the largest theme park in the famous Abu Dhabi. Their roller coaster is the fastest in the world! The roller coaster is called Rosso.
  15. Sports – In Dubai, there is a golf course which requires 4,000,000 gallons of water in a single day.
  16. Eco-friendly Projects – Masdar City is a city which is being built in Dubai which will be completely dependent on solar energy. It will be the most eco-friendly city in the world!
  17. Migrants – Many Indians live in U.A.E and most of them hail from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  18. Fuel – Petrol is as cheap as a chocolate bar in U.A.E!
  19. Income – The income that you get in U.A.E is tax-free. It is one of the biggest reasons why people go to U.A.E in search of jobs.
  20. Water source – There are no rivers in the United Arab Emirates. The groundwater is saline in nature.
  21. Wealth – Abu Dhabi in UAE is the wealthiest state in the world.
  22. Places of worship – Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. It has world’s largest carpet which was made in Iran. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has the third largest chandelier in the world. 40,000 people can fit inside this mosque.
  23. Falcons, the National Bird – There are special Falcon Passports. Even birds need a passport to fly across the borders. Wow! They usually fly first class.
  24. Habitat for Sea Creatures – Dubai Dolphinarium is the first habitat for dolphins which is air-conditioned. You will find seals and dolphins here!
  25. Emiratis – Residents of United Arab Emirates are called Emiratis.
  26. Capital – The Capital of United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi and not Dubai. Abu Dhabi is bigger than the other six emirates.
  27. Main Exports – The main exports of UAE are dried fish, natural gas, dates, and crude oil.
  28. Most Populated Emirate – Dubai might be smaller in area than Abu Dhabi but it is the most populated emirate.
  29. Residents – Many expats live in UAE. You will find fewer natives and more expats here!
  30. Grand projects in near future – A little birdie told us that Dubai is building the largest theme park in the world. It will be called Dubailand. It will be much bigger than the Walt Disney Resort.
  31. For Ski Fun – There is an indoor ski resort in Mall of the Emirates. It is the best way to cool off!
  32. Operational Cranes – Most of the operational cranes are in Dubai.
  33. Tallest Building in the World – The famous Burj Khalifa was earlier called Burj Dubai. After Abu Dhabi helped Dubai, they renamed it to honor Sheikh Khalifa.
  34. World Record – UAE has many date palm trees. You will not be able to find as many date palm trees anywhere else in the world. It was a part of the Guinness World Record!
  35. Youth Population – 75% of the population of UAE is under 64 years old. It means that UAE includes a younger and energetic population.
  36. Freedom – The residents have the freedom to practice their religion. All the festivals are celebrated here such as Christmas, Diwali, and Ramadan.
  37. Women’s Wear – The women in UAE wear a black gown which is called Abaya. Women in UAE are embracing their culture in modern ways these days. The abaya can be plain or it can have embellishments as well. It is a personal choice to dress in this fashion!
  38. The meaning of Emirate – Emirate literally means the province or a state which is governed by an Emir. Emir means ruler in the Arabic language.
  39. Trade – UAE’s largest trading partner is China followed by USA and India.
  40. Cars – Luxury Cars are seen on the roads of Abu Dhabi long before it is released anywhere else in the world. A Rolls Royce Convertible can be seen on the streets on a daily basis!
  41. 0% Crime – The crime rate in Dubai is very low. One can say that there is 0% crime in Dubai. It is one of the safest cities!
  42. High Earning Scope – Since there is no personal tax, you can earn a lot of money in UAE.
  43. Zero Debt Tolerance – Dubai does not promote incurring debt. Since there are many job opportunities and no tax on income, Dubai does not tolerate expats taking debts and not paying them. These expats are sent back home and you will find many luxury cars which are deserted at the airport.
  44. Literacy – The literacy rate of UAE is 93%.
  45. Favorite pastime of Emiratis – UAE’s national symbol is the falcon. Falconry is a popular pastime in UAE.
  46. Women of UAE – The UAE is known to train the women as Muftis. Muftis are Sunni Muslim Scholars who interpret the Islamic Law.
  47. American residents – More than 20,000 Americans are living in UAE.
  48. Churches – There are more than 40 churches in UAE along with other structures for worship for people who practice different religions.
  49. Convenience for people – There are air-conditioned bus stops in Dubai.
  50. Technological innovation – You will get to see robots riding a camel in the camel race.
  51. No Animal Cruelty – Recently UAE banned keeping wild animals such as cheetahs and lions as pets. It was a MUST HAVE accessory before!

These were the 51 Fascinating facts about UAE. It is surely a well-developed country and it is generous enough to accommodate people who come to UAE looking for work. UAE surely knows how to live royally and differently! Cheers to the United Arab Emirates.

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