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Interesting Facts about Batam City

Consisting of 329 islands, Batam is one of the many islands in the Riau Archipelago. It is also known as Best Batam because it has many interesting unique features. The Batam area itself is often used as the center for imports and exports. So, what is the uniqueness of this island, which is as beautiful as Kalimantan City? This largest city in Riau Province has unique and interesting facts as follows.

1. It has been inhabited since 231 BC

Based on its history, this city was already inhabited by Malay tribes in 231 BC, so it can be considered as an old island. In 1824 it was written that the word Batam was given in the London Treaty of 1824, between British and Dutch agreement. There is also an opinion that says that a record of Chinese voyages mentioned the history about Batam which was inhabited in 231 BC.

2. Indonesia’s Singapore

What does Indonesia’s Singapore mean? Batam City is a very strategic location for international shipping lines. Several neighboring countries have direct borders, such as Singapore and Malaysia, which helps Batam city to grow rapidly. In the 1970s, the government even wanted to create its own Singapore from Batam City. Presidential Decree No. 41/1973 decided Batam’s future as an industrial complex, just like Singapore.

3. Big City in Riau Archipelago

Being the largest city in the Riau Archipelago, Batam has become the focus of attention. The total area is 1,575 sq km with a land area of ​​715 sq km. According to a government record, the residents will reach 1,157,882 people in 2020.

4. Modern Infrastructure

The Batam government prohibits construction on the side of the protocol road. All electricity grids have been planted underground, and every year the government continues to develop infrastructure. Another infrastructure that is the pride of Batam is the runway at Hang Nadim Airport which is 4,025 meters long. With such a long runway, Batam is said to have the longest airport runway in Southeast Asia.

5. Interesting Tourist Places

The potential for interesting tourist attractions is also the main attraction for visitors who visit Batam City. There are several dream tours in Batam, such as:

  • Batam Forest Top
  • 1000 Stairs Habibie Park
  • Tanjung Pinggir Beach
  • Ranoh Beach
  • Elyora Beach
  • Sekupang Sky Cliff
  • Funtasy Island
  • Galang Mas Beach
  • Tunjuk Island
  • Welcome to Batam Monument
  • Barelang Bridge

When visiting Batam, don’t forget to visit the tourist attractions. There are many interesting places for vacation or recreation with family and relatives in Batam.

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