9 Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom on a Budget

Are you bored of the same old tiles in your bathroom? Then we suggest decorating it immediately! Changing your bathroom doesn’t mean complete remodeling. Sometimes, it’s all about adding a few simple things here and there to break the monotony. It may be about changing the existing lights, adding a small plant, and some bathroom accessories. or something more.

Wish to know more? Then read on as we discuss 9 simple ideas to decorate a bathroom on a budget. So let’s get started!

9 Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom on a Budget

  • Change the Lights

The simplest bathroom decorative idea is to add some fresh new lights. So all you have to do is update your old lighting fixtures. It is a less expensive way to update the look of your bathroom. You can find a large range of inexpensive lighting fixtures in stores and online. But do keep in mind that large electrical projects should be left to the professionals.

Also, when it comes to adjusting the lighting in your powder room, don’t be hesitant to experiment with trends. For example, suspended pendants or light bars that distribute light in a room are modern bathroom lighting. In addition, LED lighting fixtures are now very efficient and don’t add extra heat to your bathroom, so they are good choices.

  • Change the Bathroom Paint

Improve the look of your bathroom by choosing the right color for the walls. The use of light colors in a small bathroom will make it appear larger. However, any size bathroom can benefit from dark or bold colors. In a bathroom, gloss paint is not necessary to combat moisture. You can go for a matte option too. But don’t just paint the walls; get some white or semi-gloss paint to paint the cabinets as well!

  • Build Multi-functional Storage

Organizing and decluttering your bathroom will quickly refresh it. For a small bathroom, consider how you can better use the space you already have. Adding pull-out drawers to a cabinet (to make sorting items simpler) is a simple weekend project. Most home improvement businesses have standard pull-out drawers in various sizes. You can also use wall-mounted baskets or floating wall shelving to optimize storage. So head over to your nearest furniture store like OC Home Furniture and get the items mentioned above for your home.

  • Use Bath TIle Duplicates

If your tile looks a little drab, try covering it with some detachable adhesive tiles. They’re simple to cut and install, and they appear authentic. The great advantage is that they’re being removed at any time without affecting the surface beneath them, making them ideal for remodeling the bathroom in an apartment or rental home.

  • Get Faucet and Hardware Upgrades

Change up the hardware in your bathroom for a convenient and simple makeover. The aesthetic of your bathroom will be transformed with a toilet paper holder, towel bars, new drawer knobs, and a faucet. Replacing your fixtures can also revive the appearance of your counter, especially if your bathroom is small and “adorned” with gold brass from the 1980s. Replacing the old hardware is as easy as unscrewing it off and replacing it with new. Replace existing hardware with similar-sized drill hole spacing, like the bar-style drawer that takes 2 screws, to keep this project simple and quick.

  • Use Affordable Wall Art

Just because you are in the bathroom doesn’t mean you have to be bored. You can choose to introduce cute wall art in there to give you something to look at. You can buy a simple canvas print. If you wish for something more dramatic, you can always choose abstract art.

Affordable Wall Art

  • Upgrade Your Rugs and Towels

Buy soft, fluffy towels that complement your new bathroom design and donate or toss away your outdated, mismatched towels. For a contemporary bathroom design, include an accent color or pattern. To refresh your powder room’s look, here are some things you can change.

  • You can get a set of new fresh towels. And don’t just the regular ones – experiment with color shades and textures.
  • You can add a floor mat for better comfort.
  • You can opt for shower curtains. Choose printed or patterned ones for the extra pop of color.
  • New Flooring

You can also choose to get new flooring with vinyl floor planks. These are available in a range of wood species and designs at many stores at a reasonable price. They have a realistic appearance and feature roughness and flaws on the surface, just like a solid wood floor or marble tile. Cutting, peeling, and sticking is all that’s required for installation. The best thing is that these floors are usually watertight and come with long wear and tear warranties. You can also add a woven rug to complete the whole look.

  • Get New Accessories and Accents

Lastly, you can get some cute new bathroom accessories. For example, you can choose attractive houseplants, a new wastebasket, or a soap dispenser. You can also add new fragrances by changing your room diffuser or adding a scented candle.


The design ideas mentioned above have been curated keeping a tight budget. This way, not only will you be able to get your bathroom a makeover, but you will also be saving a lot of money! So what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest furniture store and start buying your desired bathroom accessories. Happy shopping!

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