5 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Cleaning Your Water Tank Regularly.

In most UAE households, storage tanks are the key source of water supply to all parts of the house. The tanks are filled with water on a daily basis which then is distributed to bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and other areas of the household.

But, over time, these storage tanks tend to become contaminated in spite of a continuous water cycle. Slowly, these tanks become havens for pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and protozoan parasites that can cause serious health risks.

Some of the most common infectious diseases caused by consumption of contaminated water include typhoid fever, cholera, and Hepatitis A or E. Other health risks, such as irritation or inflammation of the skin, are on top of that.

So, it’s imperative that you take care of the cleanliness of all water storage tanks in your house. If you’re a manager of a building or other commercial or residential facility, it becomes even more crucial to ensure supply of clean water for the safety of residents.

Here, we have listed five top reasons why you must regularly clean your water Tank in Dubai, UAE.

1. Dirty water tanks accumulate hazardous germs & bacteria

As mentioned above, dirty water tanks can house life-threatening microorganisms. Contaminated water kills over 3.5 million people worldwide every year, making waterborne diseases the leading cause of illness and death around the world.

2. Contaminated water can also harm skin and hair

Your skin and hair are among the parts of your body that are dearest to you. It’s no wonder why the world spends heavily on skin and hair treatments since these define how you look. But water with contaminants can easily harm both the skin and hair significantly.

3. Contamination can also affect how waster tastes and smells

Polluted water coming from an unclean storage source can also develop a foul smell and an unpleasant taste that don’t go away even after your home filtration process. This can also cause you to consume less water which as well can adversely affect your health.

4. Algae growth can clog water distribution lines

No matter how frequent or fast the in- and out-flow of water is in the tank is, algae tend to grow nonetheless in its moist environment. Over time, the algae can also spread to other parts of the plumbing connected to the water storage tanks causing a clogged supply.

5. Cleaning water tank on time can save costs

Timely cleaning of your water storage tanks can save you both the trouble and the cost of heavier repairs that you will eventually incur by leaving them soiled and untreated. Erosions will build over time and you may end up having to replace the entire storage system.

With that said, you shouldn’t be needing a reason to clean your water tanks just as you don’t for cleaning your house or yourself. The need for cleanliness comes naturally to us and there’s no part of the household that should escape our attention if we are looking for effective hygiene.

Keeping water tanks clean should be a part of regular household cleaning practices and their routine cleanings should be carefully scheduled. After all, we all want the best of health for ourselves and our family so ensuring safe supply of water should be our top priority.

Expert Opinion: Mr. James has contributed in this article as a cleaning expert, James and his company has been proving services of Water Tank cleaning in Dubai since 2006. James has 13 years of experience in cleaning and building management.

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