The Best Way to Make Career Progress is to Take a Break

A career break can be beneficial for you in many ways. A career break is taking time away from your job to do something different. This is an agreed time off from your work for professional or personal development or for familial reasons. Although most people take short breaks, career breaks can take between 1 month and 2 years.

Most Employees in the UAE and all over the world are increasingly encouraging career breaks to create a better work-life balance. This allows you to try new fun activities and explore the world. It is necessary to plan before proposing a career break to your employer. Although it’s tempting, never go for a career break because you feel pressured or overwhelmed at work. You still have to go back to work after the break.

Career Break and Sabbatical: What’s the Difference?

Most people use these terms interchangeably without realizing they mean different things. They are both long periods from work. There are no rules meaning your employer can tailor the offer without consulting anyone. The difference between a career break and a sabbatical is that the latter assures you job security.

A career break is ideal when your job does not have a sabbatical policy. It gives you a new perspective on work and life. You can explore new challenges and frontiers. Taking a break has many benefits; it allows you to clear your head and decide what you want in your life and career.

How a Career Break Can Help in Career Progress

Taking a break from work does not have to pull you back; in fact, it can help your career. Here is how a career break helps your professional life.

Developing New Skills

A career break is an ideal period to strengthen your skills and develop others. You can go for leadership training Dubai classes and acquire new skills. It helps you to keep up with changing demands at the workplace. It keeps you relevant even when new employees join your workforce. The economy keeps changing, the labor market is evolving, and technological changes are impacting every sector. It is challenging to advance your career without learning and updating your skills. This is the only way to stay ahead of your competition.


Change Careers

Taking a break allows you to decide whether you want to make career changes. It also helps you to develop new skills. Starting a new job takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to learn new systems, people skills, names, and routines. You learn different skills in different jobs. Working with other firms gives you opportunities to learn, for instance, when organizations go for leadership training Abu Dhabi seminars. Taking a career break allows you to follow your passion; this might be a different career path.

Mental Health

Many employees suffer from mental health problems without people noticing. If you have insomnia, anger outbursts, no longer feel excited to go to the office, and low productivity, it could be a sign of work-related stress. Taking a career break helps you look after your mental health, which affects both your physical and emotional health. Being healthy promotes effectiveness and productivity in all areas. It allows you to adapt to change and cope with challenges. Taking a break will enable you to travel, free your mind, seek help, or connect with family and friends; this is good for your mental health.

Create Diversity

Traveling during your career break is not only a fun adventure, but it transforms your mindset. You learn about different cultures and learn different languages; this improves your communication skills. You encounter different backgrounds, ways of thinking, and experiences. Traveling on your career break allows you to create international networks; this is beneficial for your career in the long-run.

Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Taking a career break allows you to focus on your health. Most times, we are too busy working and forget about our lives’ essential things, like family and health. Taking care of your health strengthens your body and helps you to live longer. It helps you to prevent certain diseases like depression, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, etc.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle gives you more energy; it improves your stamina and strengthens your body. A healthy lifestyle is more than exercising; it’s also about healthy foods. Eating right helps you to maintain a healthy body weight. This allows you to be productive and active at work and social life. A healthy lifestyle is tied to your mental health.

Taking a career break is beneficial for your mental and physical health; it also helps you make informed decisions about your career. It allows you to see the world from a different view and form global networks that can help you in the future. It is the right time to learn new skills and follow your dreams. It’s not just a break; it is an opportunity to progress.

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