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Can reading really improve your health?

Reading has many benefits including linguistic benefits such as an increase in your vocabulary and a direct impact on your writing. It also is your greatest source of knowledge, well that is what Malcolm X claimed. However, this article will look at whether it can really have an impact on your health?

Is the digital version of the book the same?

Ken Pugh, PhD, president and director of research of Haskins Laboratories, which is devoted to the science of language and affiliated with Yale, has done extensive research in this area and discussed his interesting findings (Duzbow, 2008 and Heid, 2019). Reading the physical book itself has benefits that the other forms do not have. He mentions that it is unlike watching a visual form of the book, listening to an audio form of the book or even reading a digital version.

Exercise for your brain

In addition, Pugh adds that it has a proven effect on the functioning of the brain. Your brain muscles, like any other muscle, need exercise and working out. With regular exercise and looking after, the muscles grow, without it, they become weak. Simple. Reading is the exercise of the brain. As your brain muscles work, your mind sharpens and you gain the ability to think critically, to focus and even enhance your memory (Self Development Secrets, 2019). Amazing benefits, right?

A holiday for your brain

It has also been claimed that reading can reduce stress. How? I hear you ask. When you pick up a book and start reading, you enable your mind to wonder to a place other than where you are right now, to a state other than the state you are feeling right now. It does not mean that you forget your worries, but it allows you to relax your mind and instead of focusing on the stressful matters of life and endless worrying, you are able feel calm, relaxed and refreshed. Think of it as a long-needed holiday you take at the end of the year, do you not come back feeling refreshed and raring to go? Whenever you can’t travel, grab one of the travel books that will inspire you to start and continue your next journey!

To summarise, reading books is like a gym workout and a holiday for your brain! Pretty good reasons why you should start reading now.

What should you do now?

Finally, the number of those that are not reading books is becoming worryingly high and the result is the loss of all of the above benefits and those we didn’t mention here (there are many!). After reading this you must go to your nearest library or bookshop, pick up a book and start reading! In this social era, we all love social gatherings and to be part of a group. Great news! Join a book club! It is fun, you’ll make new friends, have great discussions and the greatest thing of all… you’ll start to love reading!

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