Website Localization: How to Expand Your Business and Increase Profits

Website localization is more than just the linguistic translation of the current content. It is a process in which the existing website is modified completely by a localization agency to make it appealing, accessible, usable and culturally adaptable to a target audience of a particular region. According to Forrester Research, more than a quarter of all internet users are non-English speakers. The same research also suggests that users are compelled to stay twice as long browsing a website if it is in their own language.

If you are looking to expand into new markets to reach a global audience in order to increase your international sales, you must localize your website through a website localization services or an agency. A well-trusted localization agency takes out all the guesswork of the website localization process. They pick up from where your marketing team and developers have left off and work smoothly whether or not you have a content management system. Here is what the time tested website localization process includes:

Website Localization Project Management

Offering requirements specification document, project engineering analysis as well as a custom process definition for each client. In this stage, you get to know the accurate timelines and costs required by the project according to the scope of work for every kind of legal document translation Dubai.

Website Content Translation

Translation of content into multiple languages affects the layouts and spacing depending on the target country in the localization process. Left to right or right to left, top to bottom and which particular pages should be translated, are very important concerns when localizing a website.

Adapting Images to the Target Audience

Pictures often have subtle or obvious cultural messages and references. Unknowingly your organization can give away negative connotations that can lead to disastrous perceptions which can offend the viewers of a particular country. Therefore, pictures and images need to be reviewed and culturally adapted to positively reflect your message.

Localizing Symbols

Just like images, symbols can also have different meanings in different cultures when it comes to localization. Western symbols may not mean the same to the Eastern audiences in the MENA region. Animals, houses, fingers, etc. have to be localized and modified for different markets. Other elements like date and time display, currency, measurements units, fonts and numbering systems are formatted as part of the localization process.

Localizing Colors

Colors can also have a very important cultural meaning and they need to be considered for modification in the localization process. The right color choices can lead to user acceptance and approval. For example, the Pink color in Korea represents ‘trust’ while in China, Yellow reflects ‘nourishing. Color choices may not have very serious consequences but your company definitely does not want to give away any subtle unwanted messages.

Testing and Quality Assurance

An experienced localization agency, like Torjoman, offers functional testing by developers to ensure the localized website just exactly like the original website version with functioning links. They also offer linguistic testing to ensure the translation is exactly in the context of the target audience and the content has consistency.

The localization engineering team should offer solutions with experience in a wide range of web-based formats and applications including .asp, .html, .php, .dhtm. They commonly use the following tools and platforms for the best results.

  • Dreamweaver
  • GoLive
  • Fireworks
  • Java
  • Flash
  • Javascript
  • COM
  • FreeHand
  • Interleaf
  • CSS

When you hire a trusted localization agency, your business enjoys a number of guaranteed benefits such as:

Increased Trust

Hiring an experienced localization agency ensures that your new websites will be culturally appropriate for the international markets and all important elements in the website localization services and its process will be taken care of without a hassle. Once the perfect version is out there, you will be able to gain your international customers’ trust which will lead to an increased number of sales.

Better Online Research

With an excellent SEO based content localization, your website will be top-ranked and churn out better online results in the international markets.

Easier and Natural Interaction with your Brand

Professional localization teams make the effort to understand your brand and how it can be connected to target audiences with a culturally appropriate appeal. This ensures that the localized website will allow your international customers to interact with your brand easily and more naturally.

Strong Brand Consistency

A Vast experience and expert teams ensure brand consistency across all localized websites. No matter which language or for which country you need your website to be localized, they should ensure the brand’s persona remains intact and consistent.

Better Segmentation

Your business will be able to enjoy the benefits of better segmentation in the international markets with website localization.

More Support for in-market Teams

When you localize your website and content for a particular market, your staff and in-market teams are also better able to connect with your brand and this increases the overall productivity.

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