Want to Go to Bali Safari Marine Park? Here’s What You’ll Find!

Bali Safari is one of the famous places on the island of Bali, which attracts many tourists for its charm. Integrated with the local culture and community, it is a perfect choice for those who want to take their family on vacation.

The management of this place is the same as the Taman Safari Group Indonesia, which is famous for being an expert in the conservation of rare animals and wildlife. Even on some occasions, you can enjoy animal shows.

Here’s What You’ll Find at Bali Safari Marine Park

You are recommended to have a vacation to this Marine Park Safari Park for several reasons. There are many things that you will find that will expand your knowledge:

1. Finding Rare Animals

Did you know that, at this park, you will find about 60 species of animals from various parts of the world and 400 endangered animals from Indonesia? There are crocodiles, tapirs, owls, white starlings, Sumatran tigers and many others.

Not to forget, there are also rare animals from India, like nilgai, the spotted deer, blackbuck and Himalayan bear. While from Africa there are hippos, lions, blue wildebeest, ostrich and zebra. Wouldn’t it be a fantastic experience if you bring your kids here?

2. Zoo Touring Using a Special Car

If you don’t bring a four-wheeled vehicle here, you will find a special car provided by the operator so that you can still go around the zoo to see the animals.

You will be presented with various animals in this park. Of course, comfort and safety are guaranteed because a particular SOP is applied. In addition, you can also take photos more freely.

3. Night Safari

Unlike other zoos, here you have the opportunity to see animals at night. You will be invited to ride with the officers in a special iron framed vehicle called the Caged Tram. You will then enter the dark forest and head to the tiger’s location.

The guide will throw raw meat on the vehicle to lure the tiger into eating the bait that has been given. You can witness the sensation of a tiger climbing onto the Caged Tram and pouncing on the meat. Isn’t it exciting to do this?

4. Great Bali Show

You can enjoy the Bali Festival performances in this park which are attended by more than 150 dancers and musicians. You will also see a circus of animals such as elephants, birds and others.

The Safari Marine Park in Bali should be on your bucket list of places to visit when you are on vacation with your children. You can also visit it with your partner, friends or family. As a reference only, you should wear long clothes just to be safer.

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