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Vehicle Branding Can Boost Small Businesses in Dubai

Make the most of your vehicle branding budget to fetch the target customers. Take the help of a professional agency to minimize your vehicle branding cost in a city like Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is now the most suitable business center in the world for its infrastructure and facilities. It is in the center of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Besides the big volume business, many small businesses are growing fast here. And small businesses need the branding immediately to grab customers as the company has to sustain itself.

There are many ways to brand a company. But, if small businesses want to get noticed fast and professionally in Dubai, then vehicle branding is the most effective way to go. Till May 2023, the Dubai population is around 4 million according to the official statistics by the Dubai Government. That’s why, it is an incredibly influential tool that can assist businesses to reach their target audience and maximize ROI.

Why vehicle branding is the right option

For small businesses, advertising budget constraint plays a key role. Owners have to put out an effective strategy within the budget to generate maximum leads. And vehicle branding is one of the way-out, easy and effective ways to advertise the business is by branding the vehicles.

Which can provide businesses with a low-cost and highly customizable option. As owners can apply vinyl wraps for vehicle branding profitably and practically to sponsor their companies and appeal to new customers without worrying about the complexity and costs of paid advertising.

Vehicle branding includes the business’s logo, visual branding elements, and brand messaging printed on a vinyl sticker that is fixed to vehicles. It could be as small as a logo for doors or can be a full vehicle vinyl wrap.

The most significant aspect of vehicle branding for small businesses is as they operate in a relatively small area or a city – is that the visibility that the mobile ad brings to small businesses makes this kind of ad an in-demand lead generation option for businesses with a local target audience.

How vehicle branding is an effective branding tool

Vehicle branding can get more impressions than other ads: Although online advertising and email marketing are influential tools that all trades use nowadays – sometimes a more out-of-the-box method is needed to reach the target market.

The prospect of Vehicle branding is that it can get thousands of impressions a day depending on the amount of driving time in the area. Branded vehicles can produce more than 3000 potential customers per hour, according to multinational signage provider 3M.

And especially in Dubai – as compared to other cities in the world – Dubai is famous for more people using vehicles for moving around. Hence, for local and small businesses operating in Dubai, it is certain that the number of people viewing the ads will be higher.

Most of the people viewing the ads are living in the area the businesses operate in. Thus, generating more impressions than other forms of advertising.

Vehicle branding is comparatively affordable as it is a ‘One-Time’ cost: One of the most important benefits of vehicle branding is that it is a ‘one-time’ purchase. Unlike digital ads where businesses usually pay for impressions or alterations daily, this is something that firms pay a fixed amount until it needs to be changed.

A vinyl wrap can sustain around 5 years or more, liable on how well it was taken care of. Perforated window decals can also last 3 years or more with proper installation and care.

According to some estimations it is expected that branded vehicles get 600 to 1000 impressions per mile driven. Although, not everybody who sees the branding will be an ideal customer, the price-to-visibility ratio is off the charts.

To validate a marketing buying, businesses need to research the market on the prices and competitors within their industry.

Before starting a marketing campaign, companies should ask themselves these questions:

  • What vehicle is the cheapest and most feasible for the business?
  • The cost to wrap the vehicle?
  • Which parts will the vehicle be driving in to get the most visibility?

As different types of vehicle wraps vary, companies can expect a tailor-made wrap to be anywhere between $200 to $500 depending on the design and size of the vehicle.

The more businesses invest in a professional design the more trustworthy your brand appears to potential clients.

The further advantage of this way of marketing is the price in the long run for the business. Often the price per impression (PPI) will be not as much as other current online marketing tactics like paid keyword advertising and social media marketing.

Establish the brand through vehicle advertising: You started your new business and want to brand it quickly. Then vehicle-wrap advertising will definitely aid you in establishing your business as a cheaper alternative to other costly modes of marketing. Because what people see physically creates more impressions in their minds.

The vehicle will act as a moving billboard for potential customers. Launch a brand strategy for your bus, van, truck, or car.

RTA rules for vehicle branding in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has detailed regulations on the size and placement of vehicle branding. So it is vital to follow the guidelines to avoid any consequences or fines. The RTA also has guidelines on the type of branding allowed. To avoid any legal issues, it is vital to know the RTA rules for vehicle branding in Dubai. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. All promotions must be approved by the RTA prior to wrapping a vehicle.
  2. Only certain types of vehicles are permitted to be branded, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.
  3. The size and location of the branding must fulfill RTA regulations.
  4. Wrapping cannot cover more than 50% of the entire surface area of the vehicle’s exterior.
  5. Vehicles are not to be used for mobile billboards or other methods of moving promotion.
  6. Entire advertising must be in line with the UAE’s cultural and moral ethics.

Vehicle branding consent services in Dubai are crucial for any business seeking to advertise their vehicles. Printajo is one of the trusted agencies in Dubai that provides vehicle branding approval services to guarantee that businesses follow the needed regulations and guidelines set by the RTA. They have extensive experience dealing with the RTA and can safeguard that your business follows all the essential guidelines and regulations. Rest assured that your branding is obedient and legal. So, you can concentrate on your business and save time and money.

In a nutshell, vehicle branding is an extremely effective way for businesses to brand their products and services. Nevertheless, it is vital to obtain the needed permission from the RTA in Dubai beforehand to brand your vehicle. Vehicle branding support services can aid businesses steer the process and guarantee that their branding is compliant with the RTA guidelines.

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