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Top Orthopaedic Clinics in Dubai for Hip Surgery

Orthopaedics is one of the specialities or majors in medicine that deals with fixing skeletal distortion or issues relating to bone, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. In other words, the entire musculoskeletal system of the human body. Orthopaedics used to be a dedicated section for spine-related injuries and bone disorders in children. Over the years, orthopaedics has evolved into a stream of medical studies that encircle people of all age groups that suffer from musculoskeletal impediments. Dubai is home to some of the top orthopaedic clinics in the country. Specifically for hip surgery in Dubai, the following hospitals are the best.

1) Nanoori Spine & Joint Clinic:

Nanoori is one of the best hospitals for hip surgery in Dubai. Nanoori derives from two Korean words, Nanooda(to share) and Noori(the world). As the name suggests, their founding principle is “to share with the world.” They have been operating for over 17 years, and they house three special centres for dedicated purposes – the spine, joint, and non-surgical treatment centres. Their specialised treatments are minimally invasive and accurate with their advanced medical infrastructure. They have world-class doctors and are also present in South Korea and China. Their infrastructure holds over 300 beds that include all the categories maintained to international standards, six operation theatres, 47 ICU beds(12 NICU and 11 PICU), and 106 private rooms. They offer services in 35 different languages globally, making them the best in Dubai.

2) MedCare Hospitals and Medical Centres:

MedCare offers a variety of services that include Orthopaedic Services. Whether it is a diagnosis, surgery, medical care, or rehabilitation, they have facilities and doctors for it. They have highly skilled physicians who can cater to the patients in their best interests. They also have 24/7 Trauma Care offering post-surgery care to the patients. They also have one of the unique services they provide to patients called telemedicine service; wherein all the patient needs is a webcam and internet access. They can directly get connected to the doctor. You can consult the doctor right from the convenience of your home and book the required services.

3) Neuro Spinal Hospital:

They have been in the service for over 20 years with expertise in Spine, Neurosurgery, and Orthopaedics. They have a renowned facility for housing both the patients and their families with all the latest diagnostic and treatment infrastructure for the patients. They are equipped with CyberKnife, a revolutionary alternative for open surgeries. They have doctors who specialise in their respective fields with experience to back their credibility.

4) Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic:

Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic focuses on a patient’s innate healing abilities to get the 100% potential of the body out to heal itself. They provide services for pains and issues related to the spine and joints and injuries related to sports and the workplace. They have highly qualified specialists and advanced treatment equipment. Their distinct nature is by correcting and adjusting the vertebral spinal subluxations; they enhance the body’s functioning abilities.

5) Kings College Hospital London:

Kings College Hospital London is one of the best hospitals in Dubai to treat patients requiring orthopaedic help. They offer the best healthcare and use modern techniques and procedures backed by evidence for alleviating the issues of the patients. They provide services for international standards and maintain the same quality in all of their centres. They provide post-surgery recovery support for the patient’s speedy recovery back to health to resume his day-to-day operations.

6) Burjeel Hospital:

Burejeel hospital is one of the pioneers that provides medical services for patients suffering from orthopaedic ailments. They offer a variety of surgical procedures, including microsurgery and their orthopaedic centres are one of the best in healthcare services. They are one of the earliest to switch to the use of robots for surgical procedures and have improved the lives of numerous people. They have the best doctors and surgeons skilled in orthopaedics and can bring back your health to ease and help you for a faster recovery.  

7) Himchan Spine and Joint Centre:

The Himchan Spine and Joint Centre or the UHS provides distinguished orthopaedic solutions. They provide you with the finest care on a world-class level. Their renowned orthopaedic surgeons in Dubai offer practical solutions for various issues, including hip and knee surgery, primary arthroplasty surgery, arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder, and ligament surgery. They provide patient-centric services in the UAE and the MENA region.


The hip joint is essential for everyday movements like sitting, standing, bending, or walking. If the hip joint becomes damaged, it can cause pain, be challenging to move, become less stable, and affect the shape of your body. Hip surgery is any surgical procedure on the hip joint. It is a serious medical procedure that requires expert care from an orthopaedic surgeon. With a delay, consult an orthopaedic expert today if you are inconvenienced in moving your hip or joints.

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