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The Dubai government will use Cryptocurrency for merchandise and transactions

The flexibility and convenience of Cryptocurrency brings a win-win solution for Dubai. The Dubai government strongly supports the development of Blockchain and regards it as the main force of the next wave of technological changes, hoping to adopt forward-looking thinking in the popularization of this technology.

Digital Currency has many advantages, such as faster processing speed, better delivery time, and lower complexity and cost. This will change the way people live and do business in Dubai, and mark the city’s major step towards using game-changing innovations to improve business convenience and improve the quality of life.

Dubai can now use Cryptocurrency to pay for trade licenses and Visa fees. In recent years, companies established in the UAE are very popular, and more and more businessmen choose to establish companies in the UAE and Dubai. Entrepreneurs can now more easily establish and expand their business goals in Dubai and the UAE. The Cryptocurrencies that have now been included in the usable include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Eagle Coin and Tether to pay for national services. Simultaneously, Eagle Coin will be used for various government and non-government services, from coffee and children’s tuition to public utilities and capital funds transfers, and will be extended to the entire UAE in the future.

Blockchain technology carries a large number of service systems, and Dubai hopes to become the financial technology center of the eastern world. Cryptocurrency will help the further popularization of Blockchain technology in Dubai.


This is guest post published by Author Karar.

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