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The Dhahab Sports Web 3.0 is going to be the biggest sports digital asset launching for 2023

Al Matiya Club and Dhahab Sports members at the partnership signing ceremony
Al Matiya Club and Dhahab Sports members at the partnership signing ceremony

DUBAI, UAE – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) – That’s right, Dhahab Sports Web 3.0 is a digital asset that has already reached unprecedented milestones for blockchain assets. Even before launching, it is already useful and is the first asset to be adopted by a soccer team. After a journey of much struggle and countless challenges, the Dhahab Sports web 3.0 pre-launch campaign is coming to an end to start another step in the vision of developing the largest sports marketplace in the world!

This will undoubtedly be the biggest and best release of 2023, since the beginning of this year the project is in IEO at Latoken Exchange and will start its journey there on 03/25. On 03/27 it will be released on PancakeSwap. In addition to Latoken, the project has already entered into a partnership with Bkex Exchange and 3 more listings are under negotiation to be carried out in the days to come.

Dhahab Sports Web 3.0 is not an asset like any other, instead of including partnerships and utilities as future promises in its Road Map, the project that has Marcos Assunção as ambassador, former player of the Brazilian National Team and idol in the United Arab Emirates, made exactly the opposite, it has already signed partnerships with 2 important teams: Al Matiya Club and Flamengo Fut 7. These 2 teams will inaugurate the largest marketplace linked to sport in the world with an innovative and disruptive proposal, opening up an avenue of opportunities for athletes, sponsors, clubs and fans.

Al Matiya Club and Dhahab Sports members at the partnership signing ceremony.

In the status quo, negotiations are all centralized on the entrepreneur and it is often up to the athlete to fulfill the contracts, often strengthening his relationship with clubs and sponsors close to the signing of the contracts. With the DHS marketplace, this relationship will become more decentralized, making it easier for the athlete to contact sponsors and clubs. Fans, on the other hand, will be able to have closer and more personal contact in addition to social networks, which are often managed by media managers.

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg, Dhahab Sports Web 3.0 arrives at its launch with an achievement never seen before by any Web3 project: in addition to being useful even before its launching, by closing the partnership with Al Matiya Club, DHS is also the first digital asset adopted by a team in the UAE.

In a recent event attended by members of the UAE royal family, as well as several Sheiks and celebrities from the world of soccer, Dhahab Sports announced a 3-year partnership with Al Matiya Club and will have its brand stamped on the team’s uniform. In addition, DHS will be used to purchase tickets to sporting events as well as merchandising related to the Al Matiya Club.

We are definitely facing a digital asset that will make history and mark the beginning of a new era within Web 3.0 both for its ability to innovate and for the potential of its marketplace focused on sports.

To find out more, follow Dhahab Sports on social media and visit & Telegram. DHS will be on Latoken Exchange and PancakeSwap.

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