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Now UAE gets happiness delivered at home with ‘Big saving’

UAE is and will always be the shopper’s Paradise.  The story has been true from years back then. And now for the millennial and will be followed by the Generation Z. Emirates has been a most loved shopping capital of the world. The city hosts a showcase to the world’s most luxurious brands. When in UAE witnessing and buying luxury has never been new to those either living here or coming here to shop the best.

The Original Shopper’s Paradise

Shopping is considered to be the most cherished hobby in UAE, at least in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There is no denying that going to a mall or souk is a great way of exploring up the local culture, finding the hidden treasure, and practicing your bargaining skills for shopping.

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Shopping Festivals

Did you know, The Dubai Shopping Festival, was first introduced in 1996 and ever since a month-long celebration. There are few things that make the festival very special. Most importantly DSF weekend surprises, Raffles and prizes, extended hours of shopping and the most awaited spectacle in Dubai – The fireworks. The sky lights up across the Global village, the beach at JBR and Dubai Creek.

Apart from this The Dubai Summer Surprise is held, as the name suggests, during the summer months and comes with lots of surprises, from special offers to live concerts and more. There are other famous festivals, such as the Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival, the Sharjah -Ramadan Festival, and the Fujairah Shopping Festival.  These are just a few more examples of the variety of shopping events and promotions found throughout the year and across UAE.

Fun Activities in UAE

If a whole lot of retail therapy doesn’t get you in the holiday mood, then the promise of travel incentives will get you in the mood. It’s time to get out there and witness the spectaculars- Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Miracle Garden, The Dubai Fountain, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek, The Walk and Beach at JBR, Kite Beach.

One of the best activities to-do in Dubai is to go for a desert Safari. The next is to take a seaplane ride and see the glamorous city from the top view.

La Mer is one of the newest hotspots in Dubai. Whether you want to spend a day at the beach, stroll the beachfront, chill at one of the very cool restaurants and cafes, or just check out the coolest street art – La Mer is a beautiful place and should be on every Dubai itinerary And, Don’t forget to visit, Pier 7 at night and dine in one of the seven restaurants with beautiful views at night. With all the illuminated buildings and off course the shopping mall. The view from here is just superb.

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The Shopping Transition to Digital

UAE stands as a host to the world’s most luxurious brands like Jimmy Choo, Burberry, and Versace. You just need to go Abracadabra and enter the mesmerizing world of retail therapy.  However, Report issued by PayPal and Ipsos reveals 81% of adults in UAE shop online in the past 12 months, up from 68% in 2016.

The primary reason why online shopping has been so penetrating, now in UAE, is because people are depending on E-commerce stores from things as expensive as super cars such as Lamborghini and Porsche, to things as trivial as their daily groceries.

Secondly, with the recent infrastructure and industrial advancements the city life has become busier and tougher for an average fellow to casually drive by nearest Mall before getting stuck in traffic jam. Sitting on the comfort of your couch is way better than suffering from this ordeal and a rising number of Middle East shoppers are adopting this trend as a lifestyle.

Online Shopper’s Growth

It all began in 2017; this was a big year for ecommerce in the UAE. Amazon bought, the biggest ecommerce brand in the country and Emaar Properties launched Noon, an all-new $1 billion ecommerce venture. In addition to these, other FDIs and startups in the ecommerce have also contributed significantly to the growth of ecommerce in the country as per the report from

The National conducted a poll of 600 UAE residents by global payments company Visa, and the result was astonishing-66 per cent of shoppers are now happy to buy online – a figure as high as 81 per cent for Emiratis – while 70 per cent are at ease paying utility or government bills using digital platforms.

Demand for Best Price

With the growing shopping categories in the E- commerce industries, the shoppers had started getting a plethora of choices. The choices could be exercised when they wanted to filter a product as per their desired size, colour and customized needs. However It was noticed that the usually the online shoppers traffic moves to sites which promote discounts and offers the best price for the products online. With this context, there was a requirement for an online site which brings all stores under one umbrella and offers best coupon deals in the online spectra across UAE

The Conception:

It all began with a simple thought of saving ‘Big’ and a dream to go beyond. Barakatalan was founded in the year 2018 with a vision to provide coupons, big discounts and best deals when it comes to shopping online in the Middle –East. This online site was a Brainchild of a young, vibrant, courageous and a shopaholic women. She believes in thinking positive to co-create and is proud of her venture which has changed her life 360 degree both personally and professionally. She is Himmi Bangia. For a few years before this she worked with Middle East based e-commerce platforms and is well versed with what is the upgrade that people are looking for when it comes to E- shopping in the Middle -East.

Barakatalan – The Online Deals and Coupon Site

The online coupon deal site taps into the66 percent of shoppers who love to shop online. The website is growing 2x and not only promoting deals and luxury brands but also Airlines, curating sites of Middle –East across categories, websites promoting Middle-East tourism, adventure and more

The Deals Offered- The website features the best online sites to shop in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Coupons, deals , discounts are available on categories like flights and travel, fashion and clothing,  hotel bookings, electronics,  food and restaurants, home and furniture. Some of the most prominent names are- SSSports, Noon, Souq & More. The website will shortly be accessible in Arabic for the convenience of Local public.

What Makes UAE Happy? For UAE, it wouldn’t be wrong to say ‘True happiness is synonyms to shopping’ at the best price offered. So what could be better than chilling at home in the scorching heat and getting happiness delivered at home with big savings?

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