List of Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents

Are you currently holding an Indian passport and residing in the UAE? If so, you’ll be delighted to discover that numerous countries welcome you without the requirement of obtaining a visa beforehand.

This privilege presents UAE residents with a convenient and stress-free opportunity to venture into new destinations, be it for business engagements or leisurely pursuits. The importance of visa-free travel has grown substantially, offering individuals globally the freedom to explore various corners of the world. These countries are open to UAE residents with manager visa or Golden Visa holders. To know more about Golden Visa, you can read here.

In this blog, we aim to furnish you with an extensive catalog of countries where you can travel visa-free with your Indian passport, facilitating your travel aspirations and broadening your horizons.

List of Visa-Free Countries for UAE Residents:


Albania provides a diverse range of visa categories tailored to accommodate travelers from various countries, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

Citizens of the UAE benefit from visa-free entry, granting them the freedom to engage in short-term visits without the requirement of obtaining a traditional or electronic visa.

This visa exemption permits UAE nationals to stay in Albania for up to 90 consecutive days, affording ample time for leisurely exploration or business endeavors. Upon completion of the 90-day period, travelers have the flexibility to either depart the country or opt to apply for a traditional visa to extend their stay further.


It appears that a bilateral agreement was established between Serbia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) back in 2019. Under this agreement, citizens of the UAE are permitted to stay in Serbia for a duration of up to 90 days within a 180-day period, starting from their initial date of entry, without the necessity of obtaining a visa. However, it’s important to be aware that exceeding this allotted period may incur fines unless a visa confirming the extended stay in the country is presented.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to verify the visa requirements for entry into Serbia, as these regulations may vary depending on the traveler’s nationality. Conducting thorough research on visa prerequisites based on individual nationality will help ensure compliance with Serbian immigration regulations and facilitate a smooth entry process into the country.


Residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have the opportunity to apply for the Japan eVisa. 

The Japan eVisa facilitates short-term visits to the country for tourism purposes, allowing a maximum stay of up to 15 days. Upon issuance, the eVisa remains valid for a period of three months starting from the day following its issuance date. This means that travelers must commence their journey to Japan within three months of receiving approval for the eVisa.

It’s worth noting that the eVisa streamlines the entry process for eligible travelers, offering convenience and efficiency for those planning to explore the cultural and scenic wonders of Japan. By adhering to the guidelines outlined by the Japanese authorities and making informed decisions regarding visa requirements, UAE residents can ensure a hassle-free travel experience to Japan.


Citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enjoy visa-free entry into Georgia, meaning that Emiratis traveling to Georgia receive a visa upon arrival at the border.

Georgia extends its visa privileges to expatriates residing in the UAE and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Expatriates holding valid resident visas issued by the UAE are entitled to obtain a visa upon arrival in Georgia, facilitating seamless entry for travelers from the region.

Furthermore, individuals holding visas or residence permits from other GCC member states can also benefit from visa-free travel to Georgia. Upon arrival in Georgia, these travelers are granted a 90-day stay and receive an entry stamp permitting their visit.

It’s important to note that travelers must ensure the validity of their visa or residence permit at the time of crossing the Georgian border. Compliance with visa and residence regulations is essential for a smooth entry and stay in Georgia. By adhering to these guidelines, UAE expatriates and residents from GCC countries can explore the cultural treasures and natural beauty of Georgia with ease and convenience.

List of Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents with Indian Passport

  1. Barbados
  2. Bhutan
  3. British Virgin Islands
  4. Republic of the Congo
  5. Cook Islands
  6. Dominica
  7. El Salvador
  8. Fiji
  9. Gabon
  10. Grenada
  11. Haiti
  12. Hong Kong
  13. Jamaica
  14. Kazakhstan
  15. Macau
  16. Maldives
  17. Mauritius
  18. Micronesia
  19. Montserrat
  20. Nepal
  21. Niue
  22. Oman
  23. Qatar
  24. Samoa
  25. Senegal
  26. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  27. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  28. Sri Lanka
  29. Thailand
  30. Trinidad and Tobago
  31. Vanuatu

List of Countries that provide Visa on Arrival to UAE residents with Indian Passport (including visa on arrival and e-visa)

  1. Bolivia
  2. Burundi
  3. Cambodia
  4. Cabo Verde
  5. Comoros
  6. Guinea-Bissau
  7. Indonesia
  8. Laos
  9. Madagascar
  10. Marshall Islands
  11. Mauritania
  12. Mongolia
  13. Palau
  14. Rwanda
  15. Seychelles
  16. Sierra Leone
  17. Somalia
  18. Saint Lucia
  19. Tanzania
  20. Timor-Leste
  21. Tuvalu
  22. Zimbabwe


In conclusion, having visa-free travel options is a great advantage for UAE residents with an Indian passport. It allows for easier and more convenient travel to various destinations without the hassle of obtaining a visa. Understanding the concept of visa waiver agreements and the different types of visa-free destinations is important to make the most of this privilege. However, it’s crucial to stay updated with visa policies as they can change periodically. Make sure to check the specific restrictions, requirements, and duration of stay for each visa-free country before planning your trip. Happy travels!

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