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Introducing Fitlov: The Future Of The Home Workout

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work out from home with your personal trainer, even if they aren’t in the room? Well, Fitlov is a new App that is changing the landscape for personal fitness and exercising at home for Dubai residents.

Fitlov offers a unique set-up; the ability to choose personal trainers to coach you in terms of both personal fitness and nutrition, without ever having to set foot in a gym or, leave your home. Fitlov has gone one step further than many other personal trainer apps on the current market place by allowing their users to have a personal trainer tailored specifically to them to help them meet their body and fitness goals.

Trainers featured on Fitlov are professional body coaches, nutritionists, fitness experts, to list just a few examples of the diverse area of experience and available knowledge for users to benefit from. Fitlov has constructed an app that will transform all aspects of their users’ health, not just their body image, and it is incredibly easy to set up and use.

Once you have downloaded the app, submit all your personal information and highlight your goals. You’re then paired with a personal trainer who sets you up with a meal plan and a fitness regime to compliment it. It is worth mentioning now that you have total control, as the client, over who trains you and how you train. There is an option for meeting your personal trainer at a gym or public space if you want to work out outdoors, but that isn’t the limit of Fitlov’s flexibility.

Not everyone finds it easy to work out with a personal trainer, even if they are the friendliest and calming influence known to man. But, Fitlov offers a solution to any potential awkwardness. Fitlov gives you the option to have your trainer physically present with you if you want to work out at home or, allow you to skip out on having them with you to work out altogether. Contact your personal trainer through the app at your leisure, submit your progress and chat to your personal trainer for tips. You can even participate in live workout sessions with them.

Fitlov is very accommodating for changes to its clients’ schedule. Joining Fitlov includes a free meal plan after you sign up, and there are different tiers of membership depending on how much time an individual devotes to working out each week. In addition, membership can be frozen at any time, and there are no hidden fees or additional charges to be accumulated from doing so.

There are many reasons why people don’t consider using a personal trainer. Whether they’re gym-shy, not confident working out in front of another person or just don’t consider using a personal trainer because they think they are doing a good enough job by themselves. Fitlov is a breath of fresh air for those looking to get in shape at home and receive proper professional guidance whilst doing so.

Fitlov is the perfect opportunity to change your fitness life by working out in the space you feel most comfortable in, home. You can download it today via the App Store and Android Marketplace.

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