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How To Reach Dubai Gold Souk By Metro

You have probably heard of Dubai’s gold rush. Those who have been there claimed that you could wear
gold, swim in gold, and dress in gold in Dubai’s Gold Souk (if possible). You would think it is all made up
until you stand in Gold Souk’s centre. If you can visit Dubai, the Gold Souk is a must-see and must-visit
location. Each lane of this market is covered with gold ornaments and accessories, making it appear to be
something out of a fairy tale. It seems incredible to choose as many pieces of jewellery as possible for
your friends back in your nation, given the lower gold rate in Dubai UAE today. So, how do we get to
Gold Souk and enjoy all the glitz? This article will tell us everything you need to know about it.

About Gold Souk

Gold Souk is a wonder in and of itself. The Gold stores are lined up in the lane, all without security. There
are mazes of shops where the primary commodity sold is gold. The Gold Souk is primarily located in
Deira, in old Dubai. Do think of this spot when you are exhausted from exploring Dubai’s ultramodern
attractions. You may find various types of gold in the Gold Souk, ranging from mixed 18-carat gold to
21-22-carat gold.

Furthermore, you can also find the rarest and purest 24-carat gold in the Gold Souk. If you want to buy
Gold in Gold Souk, you must first choose the piece(s) of jewellery you want to buy. The store then weighs
the artwork and sets the price based on that day’s gold rate in Dubai, UAE. You can also modify the gold
jewellery or accessory to your heart’s desire for an extra fee.

Methods Of Getting To The Gold Souk Via Metro And Other Options

We have listed a few options if you are wondering how to get to Gold Souk in Dubai.

  • Using The Metro

If you are a tourist in this foreign city, the Dubai metro is the safest way to go to the Gold Souk. If you
wish to reach the Gold Souk by metro, get a ticket to Al Ras Metro Station. The exquisite Gold Souk
market is about an 8-minute walk away from this metro station.

  • Water Taxis

Taking a ride in a running abras (water taxi) is a good option if you want to experience the most authentic
Arabian vibes. These abras run along Dubai Creek and carry you to the other side. You will find glitzy
gold boutiques on the creek’s other side.

  • Taking the bus

You can also catch a bus from any place in Dubai to Gold Souk Terminal. Travelling by bus has its own
perks because it provides a more incredible view of the city.

Using The NOL Card To Travel To The Gold Souk Using Any Mode Of Transportation

If you choose public transportation, possessing an NOL card can be helpful in Dubai. According to the
Dubai Metro authorities, an NOL card is a contactless smart card. This card can make your trip faster and
easier whether you take the bus, the water taxi, or the metro. The NOL card is explicitly created for
tourists. It can be topped up for as little as 20 Dirhams (5.40 USD) and used for various transportation
services. Using an NOL card makes things easier because you can avoid the huge lines for purchasing
tickets. Depending on your stay in Dubai, you can top up for a day or week pass.

Gold Souk Attractions

Once you have arrived in Gold Souk, you can engage in various pleasurable activities. These are some of
the Gold Souk’s top attractions:

  • Historic District of Al Fahidi

You may explore Emirati culture’s historical legacy from the mid-nineteenth century. Prior to now, the
Historic District of Al Fahidi was infamously known as Bastakiya Quarters. This Historic District was
once the royal emirates’ residence. Today it houses several museums, cafes, and cultural exhibitions. Also,
if you are a craft collector, the craft shop here will be fun to visit.

  • Spice Souk in Dubai

Did you think the Gold Souk was all about gold? Well, authentic spice market can also be found in Gold
Souk. Take a handful of each spice home and enjoy your kitchen’s Arabian aroma. After you add the
spices and condiments from this spice market to your home-cooked meals, you will feel all the shades of
Arabian ecstasy.


Gold Souk will provide a fantastic tourist experience. Furthermore, getting there will be a breeze
considering the easy accessibility and multiple travel options available. The Gold Souk is the perfect
display of the upbeat vibes of Dubai. We hope you find the unique jewellery pieces that match your
preferences and pocket in Gold Souk, given that the gold rate in Dubai, UAE is lower than other world

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