How to plan a successful landscape design in Dubai

Are you looking to build a thriving residential landscape in Dubai? If yes, then you are in the right spot. This blog will serve you as a guide to better understand the process. Your landscape design entirely depends upon the below six factors that we will discuss today.

So, let’s move forward and learn every step. Here is the step by step by guide to planning for successful landscape design in Dubai

Step 1 – Set Goals

The primary step for how to plan a landscape design is to think about how your garden should feel and look, how you will use it, and also how you are going to enhance your little ecosystem.

  • Look/Feel. The look and feel start with flowers, unique shapes, colors, and other landscaping design arts.
  • Usage. It is how you’d like to utilize the garden. That means you may need space for playing sports, sitting, potting, eating, walking and everything you need to do in the area.
  • Ecosystem. It is how you wish to grow a garden. Every person wants to be in a healthy environment. Healthy could mean decay control, bringing beneficial wildlife, recycling rainwater, etc. and all these wishes will influence some of your landscape design outlining as these decisions are important so that all the things fall into place.

Step 2 – Site Plan

Draw what is already present there – gardens, buildings, paths, plants. You have to use graph paper and then measure it carefully. Three feet x three feet is considered useful for landscape. Also, don’t forget to add other utilities as well. Once you have done with this start organizing it as per your expectations.

Step 3 – Site Analysis

Now, it’s time to look at the different energies that associate with your site, such as the sun. Simply, draw the shady and sunny areas, even draw the spaces in between. Make sure that you take care of the positioning of plants as per the sun positions, as it is a big move to supporting plants to be healthy. Even keep track of the winds and determine whether you want to use or block them. Try to draw all the things that will affect your landscape so that you can have the right idea.

Step 4 – Functional Diagrams

First of all, just look at your site plan and analysis, then start rough work to understand where these things might go. You do not need to draw everything, just make a rough diagram that shows you everything.

You see how the overall design might look, and try to seek how to integrate the significant elements so that they serve each other.

Step 5 – Concept Plan

If you want, you can even go for the concept plan next. It is where you can turn diagrams into more specific plans, but here you don’t get the chance of choosing every plant yet, therefore go for primary specimens. Consequently, it would help if you drew precisely where your ways, lawn, pond are, etc.

Step 6 – Planting Plan

The planting plan is the final step in which you have to determine which plants you’ll be utilizing. Therefore you need to precisely draw where they need to be placed in the garden. Many people plant their gardens densely, and even very close to buildings and paths. However, you need to draw plants as per the size they’ll become in the upcoming time, not the size they are now as it will enable you to give them proper spacing so that they can grow naturally. Therefore it is a crucial step while designing the landscape for your home.

Wrap up

After reading the blog, you might get an idea, how to plan a landscape. Make sure that you follow every step carefully. I hope this blog helps you and guides you in a good way of planning a successful landscape design in Dubai.

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