How to Amplify Brand Reach in a Competitive Market Such as the UAE

When it comes to brand engagement, amplifying brand reach is important to drive awareness.

Marketing strategies are built on creating amplification, increasing the impact of a brand’s reach across a wide variety of channels. And with the 2017 State of the Creator Economy study finding that the average person now visits “nearly 400 websites and reads more than 200 articles every month,” amplifying brand reach is more important than ever.

This is a huge opportunity for any brand to increase revenue, market share, awareness, and engagement while introducing potential clients to your business. Having the right brand message should yield such desired outcomes. But how do you amplify your brand messaging in a competitive market such as the UAE?

It takes the right approach. The following ways not only strengthen your brand message but they amplify reach to convert your customers into loyal brand advocates. This will create a winning brand strategy that will win more customers.

Engage in employee advocacy

When creating a marketing strategy to amplify brand reach, it’s all begins with the heart of the company, your employees. A leading brand activation agency in Dubai advocates involving employees when amplifying your brand reach. When you can get employees to support your branding efforts, customer conversion becomes easy.

This is because involving employees puts a real human at the brand’s forefront. This human aspect of your marketing strategy creates a brand transparency culture that is preferable to customers. Customers are more likely to connect and bond with a brand that has a human aspect rather than a company image.

Employees can do much more than just be the face of your brand. They can also participate in amplifying the brand’s reach through engagement. Particularly when it comes to your brand’s social channels and online strategy. In the social media landscape, employee advocacy can be leveraged to empower your brand’s reach.

In fact, a study by Inc. found that employee advocacy resulted in “5x more Web traffic and 25 percent more leads.” Employees are key marketing assets already passionate about your brand. A with trust playing a pivotal role in brand engagement, employee advocacy amplifies your brand reach through social sharing and personal recommendations.

Become a content authority

When it comes to effectiveness, one of the best ways to drive the most value in your brand amplification strategy is through content marketing. Content marketing provides a rich resource for brands to connect with consumers. Provided of course that your content marketing strategy is driven by engaging, shareable content.

Without content that’s engaging and shareable, your strategy won’t yield the desired outcomes. So become a content authority in your industry by creating engaging, authoritative content. Content that defines your brand and helps your company stand out from the competition.

When Mazda decided to launch their 2015 Mazda 3 in the UAE, it wasn’t without its challenges. But, instead of just taking the standard route of traditional advertising, their launch party at Total Arts Courtyard in Al Quoz, Dubai, was anything, but.

Their launch transformed the event venue into an interactive “lab” that simulated the hi-tech features found in the Mazda 3. Guests were able to engage with the product through motion car simulators, interactive RFID wristbands, and awe-inspiring installations.

The uniqueness and exclusivity of the event created an authentic experience for its guests. Offering an engaging and genuine message, as opposed to a dull corporate launch, enabled Mazda to reach a significantly wider audience.

So tell your story. Even if your business is not one of a kind, your story is. Differentiate yourself from your competition with unique, engaging content. This will drive your growth and effectively grow your brand with its target audience.

Think long-term

When creating amplification strategies to increase brand reach, it’s important to think long-term. Pulling the plug on branding efforts too soon or too early limits the potential growth of any strategy. Think of branding like a wave, it requires momentum to become a powerful force of nature.

Results are never immediate when it comes to amplifying brand reach. In the early stages of your strategic approach, brand amplification will produce very few results. But maintain a strong consistency of brand amplification strategies and in time, your strategy will grow valuable marketing assets.

When you publish new content, whether its blog posts, infographics, imagery, videos, among many others, remember, consistency is key. Matching your content with the brand’s tone and feel will create a more meaningful connection with its target audience. Being inconsistent will result in diminishing your brand’s authenticity and authority.

Start small and maintain a strong upkeep when it comes to your strategic efforts. In time, your brand will see measurable progress and results.

In today’s digital age, millions of brands are vying for the public’s attention. For some brands, particularly new startups trying to compete, it’s hard to cut through all that noise. For brand’s looking to amplify their reach and improve their visibility, take heed of the advice listed above. They will be beneficial in engaging with your target audience correctly, which in time, will get your brand the exposure it deserves.


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