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How Auto Taxi Dispatch System Works In A Taxi Booking App?

The cab management system that you get from top companies assists in tracking, promoting, and modernizing the rides. Also, it includes basic and essential features that are used to track the drivers, rides, manage cabs, count and distribute earnings considering navigation and other amazing features.

Moreover, the mobile app development experts help in enhancing your existing faulty system or perform hard for you to develop a new one from scratch. A team including business analysts, artistic web designers, expert QAs, and backend Taxi App programmers offer you a complete view of your business and craft its possibilities holding the entire strength of our technology and experience. 

What is a Taxi Dispatch System?

A taxi dispatch software or system is a perfect way of assigning jobs to various drivers. In this software, the drivers map customers to pick them up from a certain point and drop them at their required location. A Taxi Dispatch System is built to simplify the taxi booking job of customers and assists them in managing their data through a taxi company. 

The flow of a taxi dispatch system

Next, we will check out the flow of a taxi dispatch system to let you know about the complete working of such software. So, let’s get started. 

  • Firstly, a customer calls for a taxi booking.
  • Then, a nearby driver or the idle one around the pick-up spot will be assigned to that customer. 
  • Three apps are included in this system that lies at distinct ends that further work according to the flow. 
  • Driver Application,
  • Passenger Application,
  • Admin Panel.

Taxi Booking Apps Available In UAE

  • Uber
  • Careem
  • ‎Abu Dhabi Taxi
  • Dubai Taxi
  • RTA Smart Taxi

Modules Of An Auto Taxi Dispatch Software System

A perfectly crafted taxi dispatch system holds the caliber to manage entire dispatch requests easily with real-time tracking and varied dispatch modes. 

1. Booking Management

The taxi dispatch system performs as per your current web taxi booking module. Moreover, it controls the incoming bookings and perfectly dispatches them. It grips an overview of how the rides and drivers are functioning regularly. 

This module performs the following:

  • Dispatcher Integration,
  • Customizes the booking,
  • Allocates drivers to the requests.

2. Manual Dispatching

In this module, the dispatchers can craft new bookings for phone calls and utilize auto-assignment. This is how the dispatcher panel receives the requests manually. In exceptional cases, while manual dispatching is needed, auto dispatching is utilized in many cases. 

This module performs the following:

  • Smooth switching between the modes,
  • In-app support,
  • Receives request via phone calls,
  • Assigns a driver to the provider, manually.

3. Trips Tracking

A dispatcher tracks every vehicle in real-time with the integrated GPS tracking system, even when it’s in dispatch or is idle. They can also track the driver’s current location including the fleet availability and allocate the jobs as per that. 

This module performs the following:

  • Dedicated GPS,
  • Tracks live location,
  • Views and tracks real-time fleet availability,
  • Views and monitors trip history.

4. Emergency Management

For the passengers’ and drivers’ safety, the dispatcher holds the caliber to view entire emergency requests for a safe and secure drive and makes sure that quick actions are conducted in case of emergency during the ride. 

This module performs the following:

  • Calls drivers
  • Takes quick actions during an emergency
  • Shares the  details with concerned authorities

5. Driver Management

A dispatcher through this model can add the drivers, review the signup requests, set the commission rates, and a lot more through the mobile app interface. Also, they can approve or even reject a driver permit after verifying if it’s valid or not. Moreover, they can also suspend a driver anytime. 

This module performs the following:

  • Assigns trips to drivers,
  • Views driver details,
  • Manages taxi locations,
  • Alarms and alerts for driver safety.

Features Of Auto Taxi Dispatch System

Next, we will look at the features that are incorporated in the Auto Taxi Dispatch system to emerge with flawless and smooth taxi booking and related jobs. 

a. Passenger App 

Your passenger app should be crafted simple so that customers may find it easy to use and book their taxis easily. The app should not lead to any sort of inconvenience. 

The Passenger app performs the following:

  1. Manage the Passenger profile
  2. View Ride History 
  3. View the Driver details & Give Rating
  4. Calculate Fare 
  5. Quick Ride Schedule, Onboarding, and Ride Sharing

b. Driver App 

Next, the driver app should be developed in a way that it may offer an immediate response to the passenger. During that, there should never be any miscommunication between them all through the system. All the drivers would be given unique credentials to app log-in for analyzing and tracking.

The Driver app performs the following:

  1. Accept or decline a ride
  2. Online/Offline Availability Toggle
  3. Contact passenger
  4. GPS Navigation
  5. Ride summary

c. Admin Web Panel

Admin Panel will have full access to the system, in which an administrator could observe the entire happenings of the system. Also, they will be offered a dashboard that will assist in managing the system smoothly.

The Admin Panel perform the following:

  1. Dispatcher Panel
  2. Geo-Fencing
  3. Manages Ride Tariff
  4. Manages drivers 
  5. Surcharge & Time-based Fare Settings

d. Advanced Features 

Now, let’s check out the advanced features of the taxi management system that will make your taxi dispatch systems more efficient. 

  1. Social media login
  2. Real-time ETA
  3. SOS button
  4. Carpooling 
  5. In-app chat


With all such apps along with basic and advanced features, a Taxi dispatch system will perform perfectly and in a well-organized way. 

This is how it will become the best taxi dispatch system which will stuff the gap between the taxi companies and their customers. Moreover, it should offer an amazing dispatch solution for the taxi brands incorporating white labeling apps for iOS and Android. 

So, to develop a required and world’s best taxi app, hire a team of experts and increase your revenue. There are various leading taxi booking app development companies that deliver top-quality and feature-packed solutions to their clientele.

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