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Are you looking to up your graphic design game? Then you have come to the right place.

The importance of graphic design cannot be overemphasised. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of your business but also enforces your brand identity. Great graphic design can be used for various purposes, such as to share updates about your business or to act as a sales tool to gain leads. Regardless of your use of graphics, it is essential you keep up with the trends of the time.

To help you with this, the team from Desert Dog Marketing have put together their predicted graphic design trends  for 2022:

1. Inclusive visuals

Society is, rightly so, becoming more and more inclusive for minority and marginalised groups – and this is definitely going to be a leading factor in graphics for the next year. The default for people, icons and stock images are no longer white, male and able – bodied – there is much more representation. Graphic designers will continue to incorporate diversity into their designs, highlighting different cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs.

2. Colour minimalism

Minimalistic design is different now to the traditional, boring black and white combo. New minimalism combines similarly muted colours such as pastel colours. This is a technique Apple have recently adopted to bring a bit of colour to their branding, rather than the mundane silver and white they usually portray. This is a great way to show sophistication within your branding, without boring your customers.

3. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes have become more popular within the design world recently; a shift from abstract shapes which used to dominate before. These shapes are so versatile that they can be used in a range of different businesses with drastistically different branding goals. They can be used to represent data points, display content, as an additional visual effect, in a logo, on business cards etc.

4. Fun data visualisations

Data visualisation is an easy way to share complex data with audiences, in an aesthetically pleasing way. Gone are the days when graphs and charts were only shown in board meetings. Brands are now using these as engaging ways to share information with their audiences. Graphic design allows this representation to be fun and light-hearted, while also portraying the statistics needed.

5. Branded Memes

In recent years, memes have dominated the social platforms. They are one of the most shared and saved forms of content – therefore it is essential brands get on board with this trend if they want to see organic growth in their social media. So why does everyone love them? Despite them usually being a source of a joke, they allow people to build connections with one another over shared views or feelings. Brands are now capitalising on this by using them to add levity to their online presence and build relationships with their customers.

6. Serif fonts

We have all heard of the classic Serif fonts, right? Although they may seem a bit dated to some, they are making a comeback! Perhaps due to the familiarity or nostalgia they evoke in the reader, these fonts portray a brand as strong and trustworthy. These fonts have proved especially beneficial in landing pages for this very reason, as well as blogs.

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