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Creta Ventures into the Middle Eastern Gaming Market with Next World Forum

Screenshot of Creta Multiverse Dayroot
Screenshot of Creta Multiverse Dayroot

DUBAI, UAE — (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — The Next World Forum, a gaming event held in Riyadh on August 30th and 31st, gathered influential figures from the global gaming and esports industry. Organized by the Saudi Esports Federation, it served as a platform for industry discussions, emphasizing the esports economy’s rapid growth and the presence of key industry players.

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The Next World Forum (NWF) not only provides an innovative opportunity to accelerate sector growth through investment and collaboration but also serves as a platform for intellectual exchange, discourse, and discussions to design the future and highlight potential. NWF serves as a meeting point for gaming and esports stakeholders to collaborate and share knowledge. It covers themes such as the esports economy, AI development, and the world’s fastest-growing games.

Screenshot of actual Creta Multiverse FPS game play
Screenshot of actual Creta Multiverse FPS game play

Prominent figures from global gaming companies, including Epic Games, Ubisoft, Roblox, Bandai Namco, Tencent, and Atari, participated in the event, alongside H.R.H Prince Faisal bin Bandar Al Saud, Chairman of Board of Directors of Saudi Esports Federation. Alexander Harutyunyan, Co-Founder and Chief Publishing Officer at Creta, also joined as a speaker, introducing Creta, a high-performance public blockchain Web3-based multiverse platform, which received significant interest from the audience. Creta’s presentation at the global event, NWF, signifies its entrance into the Middle Eastern gaming market and reflects its commitment to making strides in this region.

Creta, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is a Web3-based metaverse gaming platform company. It comprises developers, publishers, and blockchain experts renowned in the global gaming industry. Notable figures include producer Ray Nakazato, Alexander Harutyunyan (former CEO of European game publisher INNOVA), and Seok-ho Yoon, CEO of CCR, known for developing Korea’s National Game Fortress. Yoshiki Okamoto, known for games like Street Fighter 2 and Monster Strike, is a key partner in the project, making Creta a contender in the competitive Web3 metaverse platform ecosystem.

With such prominent individuals involved, Creta is expected to lead the way in creating the most competitive Web3 metaverse platform ecosystem

Creta’s platform development is led by Diverse, a Korean company with strong expertise in high-performance game engine technology and outstanding graphic capabilities. The Web3-based platform utilizes the high-performance public blockchain, Locus Chain, to create a massive multiverse that differs from existing metaverses. This multiverse is capable of combining and expanding numerous metaverses while maintaining photorealistic visual quality.

Creta offers four main components in its comprehensive Web3 platform service: Creta Multiverse (an endlessly expandable multiverse), Creta Game Platform (servicing Web2 and Web3 games), Creta Studio (enabling high-quality game and content creation), and Creta SuperClub (a Web3 community platform connecting the entire Creta platform).

The ability to provide such an extensive Web3 platform service is largely attributed to the use of Locus GameChain, which dramatically reduces server costs and addresses scalability issues through the utilization of the high-performance Locus Chain blockchain.

Alexander Harutyunyan, Co-Founder the Chief Publishing Officer of Creta, expressed his aspirations by stating, “During this event, we saw how interested the government is and how big the gaming and metaverse scene is in the Middle East. With Creta, we’re looking to show what the future holds for Web3 metaverse platforms and create a whole new gaming market in the Middle East.”

Creta is currently preparing for the early access service of SuperClub, a Web3 community platform, scheduled for October. Additionally, they plan to conduct a Closed Beta Test (CBT) of their first metaverse world by the end of the year.

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