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Media License in UAE

In UAE anyone who is involved in Electronic Media Social Activities are subject to register and obtain a license from the “National Media Council”. This rule is applicable to those who promote their business and brands through social media in order to earn money. While doing such business, they need to secure their business by obtaining a media license under this new regulation issued by the NMC. The rule is implemented in UAE to improve the standards and regulate all the electronic media activities carried out in UAE. The law is applicable to all the free zones functioning in the UAE.

General Conditions to Obtain Media License:

  • To be a citizen of the United Arab Emirate or of the GCC states
  • To be of 25 years old or more
  • To be of good reputation
  • Shall not be sentenced to a crime
  • Scheduled to be paid for the entire duration of the license fee
  • The person himself undertakes the procedures of the license or who is acting with a notary
  • Shall not be a member of the National Media Council
  • Must have special conditions for the required activity
  • Appropriate scientific qualification as determined by the Council
  • No financial dues to the Council

Required Documents:

  • Emirates ID card Photocopy
  • Registered Tenancy Contract or Title Deed
  • Trade License photocopy

The fee is based on the type of activity on which a person needs to obtain the license. After submitting the above documents and paying the applicable fee media license will be issued. Above license is issued in all NMC offices and through electronic services on the NMC website. Below mentioned activities must take license from MNC:

  • News websites
  • Electronic Publishing outlets
  • On-demand printing
  • Commercial activities concluded through social media within UAE
  • Online media firms

Also the below mentioned entities are exempted from obtaining media license:

  • Newspapers
  • Television
  • Radio and Magazines
  • Websites of Governments
  • Websites of Universities and Schools

If anyone who violates or fails to obtain the media license for such activities will be punished with:

  • AED 5000 Dirhams fine or
  • Shutting down of their media account

It is mandatory to obtain the media license before 1st June 2018.

Article Contributed by – Binherz Advocates

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