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Ciba Health establishes a subsidiary in the UAE to address the MENA market

Ciba Health Inc.
Ciba Health, Inc.

The personalized chronic disease reversal platform continues its global expansion.

NEW YORK – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — Ciba Health, a global digital therapeutics and chronic disease reversal platform, leveraging cutting edge technology for predictive analytics, remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutic devices for real time data monitoring, has launched a fully-owned subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates. Ciba Health Ltd ( will address Pre & type 2 diabetes, obesity, and mental health in the larger Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. Operations will kick-off by the close of Q3 2022.

Ciba Health’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Innocent Clement, said, “We are excited to be among the first players to enter the digital therapeutics and virtual care sectors in the UAE.” Ciba’s precision medicine and root cause approach treats and reverses chronic conditions, while improving and maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of its patients. According to Clement, the UAE has, “one of the world’s highest prevalence rates of diabetes at 16.3%. Neuropsychiatric disorders also contribute about 19.9% to the burden of disease locally. Therefore, we are focusing on fundamental health issues faced by the people of the UAE.”

In addition, Clement said that, “We are thrilled to partner with Plug and Play, a leading global innovation platform to support Ciba Health in bringing this much-needed solution to the people of the UAE and the region. We truly believe that Ciba’s innovative product will improve quality of life, enhance healthcare, and empower the fight against chronic diseases in a much more efficient way.” Louiza Chitour, Senior Program & Partnerships Manager for Plug and Play Middle East, said, “We are very excited to actively contribute to CIBA Health’s expansion in the MENA market by supporting them in connecting with key health stakeholders in the region to address unmet patient needs.”

Ciba Health plans to enter the Emirati market by securing key strategic partnerships with relevant players in the healthcare sector. Roger Chahine, Ciba Health’s Chief Strategy & Operating Officer said, “The UAE is currently the center of innovation and entrepreneurship in the MENA region. In addition to the obvious needs we identified in the local population for our digital health solutions, we know that we are in the right ecosystem to establish a meaningful presence and expand in the larger MENA market.”

About Ciba Health

Ciba Heath ( was established in 2019, with the mission of improving health through precision and personalized medicine. Initially focused on Pre & type 2 diabetes reversal, Ciba has grown its portfolio of products to include Advanced Primary Care, Depression & Anxiety, and Digestive Health. Offering tailored health programs to its patients, Ciba addresses the root cause of a disease with its team of doctors, psychiatrists, health coaches, and nutritionists, leveraging cutting edge technology for predictive analytics, remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutic devices for real time data monitoring.

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