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Best Camera Phones Available at Noon.!

From making memories everywhere you go to capturing criminal scenes and providing justice, camera phones have played an important role in our life. That little piece of the lens has saved us a lot of money and time, keeping memories saved in high quality, instead of blurred, artificial-looking paintings that make us look like a character from the comic world. One of the most important online stores in UAE, Noon, has been selling a large variety of everyday products along with camera phones, with amazing offers and new arrivals. You can also get hands-on experience of these amazing devices at slashed prices using the exclusive deals and discounts offered by the use of Noon coupons available for all existing and new users.

1. Apple Phones

Apple is the most popular brand amongst phones. The logo, camera quality, the class, and the price lures buyers to sacrifice everything to buy them. Their increased price does not affect the market at all, and that is a surprise. Noon has all models of iPhone, both old and new, iPhone 11 is the most popular of them all. You can choose amongst the internal memories every model has to offer along with your favorite color. This phone can also be bought with a monthly EMI or full payment. The phone flaunts a dual rear camera of high quality that captures flawless shots in low light conditions. It also comes with a Face ID, making unlock options on the phone much easier. Apart from new models of the iPhone, the website also puts refurbished versions of old models on display.

2. Samsung

Samsung is the best phone and is amongst the top affordable good quality mobile phones. The new Samsung Galaxy A10 with its beautiful 6.2-inch display, 32GB internal memory that can be extended up to 512GB and LED flash for capturing in low light conditions stand out as its major features. Active noise cancellation with microphone filters is an added bonus. Another big hit from Samsung, Galaxy Note 10, with its sleek design and 8GB RAM is also for sale on Noon. The best triple rear camera with LED flash, Octa-core processor and Android version 9.0 are some of the best features this phone has to offer.

3. Lenovo

The new Lenovo K8 with 4GB RAM and Venom black case is one of the popular and trustworthy brands. Lenovo, a company who have been gaining their customers’ appreciation through various electronic devices, have not failed to repeat history by manufacturing mobile phones. They have an amazing 64GB internal memory to store all your important files and 10-core processor for smooth running. Since cameras are the first feature a commoner looks for in a mobile phone, Lenovo has taken care of it by providing a clear 13-MP selfie or front camera. The great graphics processor makes it the gamers’ favorite phone.

4. One Plus

The emerging mobile phone brand that is the recent favorite of most of the customers is One Plus. They mimic the features of an Apple iPhone, with its great camera quality with time-lapse and slo-mo features and its unique charger that cannot be shared. The One Plus 7T and One Plus 7 are one of the latest models on Noon. Both the phones have the same 4GB RAM and a 256GB internal memory but the former has a 6.67-inch screen and the latter, a 6.41. All One Plus phones come with a good quality dual camera with LED flash and better battery power.

5. Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi, often known as MI, is one of the most popular phones bought for their camera. They provide a bright and good quality picture with a bunch of filters as an add-on. The Xiaomi Redmi 8 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 are common and in trend this year. They come with a sleek design and a reasonable price. With an internal 64GB memory and 4GB RAM, microphone filters and a cool, big screen display, Redmi phones have managed to reach every country, even into a child’s wallet.

6. Other phones

A few mobile phone brands might not be in everyone’s mind during purchase, but it provides the best offers at an affordable price. We have heard these names, but the popularity of expensive phones have masked their existence. The HUAWEI P30 Lite with its amazing 6GB RAM, Honor 9X with massive 128GB internal memory and a sapphire blue cover, Nubia Red Magic 3 with an enormous 12GB RAM, ASUS ROG phone with an amazing 8GB RAM and powerful integrated graphics, Oppo F5 providing a fully optimized camera experience, Real me X2 with powerful chipset accounts for seamless multitasking and Motorola G6 with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and noise cancellation. Apart from the Smart camera phones, Noon also displayed Nokia 2720 flip phone with a single rear camera, whose feature has gone out of trend but the sleek flip model has not run out of style! also provides various perks such as warranty from 3 months to one year for mobile phones, along with free delivery. Through their express delivery feature, they make sure your order reaches the very next day post-placement.

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