6 Tips to Lower Translation Costs

Organizations around the world are realizing that translating content is important to support business in the global market. Most local markets are saturated and very competitive so localizing content through a trusted translation company is one of the smart ways for businesses to efficiently penetrate the market and grab a market share.

Translating and localizing content like technical, UI, websites, apps, publications and documents, etc. allows organizations to tap into foreign markets and serve the domestic target audience in their native language. But this comes with huge costs.

Often companies will steer towards machine translation tools like Google Translate for content translation in order to save costs instead of a language translation company in Dubai. This can be a huge mistake. Machine translation has some benefits but it is not suitable to translate content. You will only end up with bad translations that don’t make sense due to differences in language structures, phrases and connotations.

You will only waste time, money, resources and might even damage your brand image. So what should you do?

Translation may not be something you might have considered in your budget but now it has become important for the success of your business. Yet, you can’t spend too much money on it. Here are 6 tips to reduce your translation costs while keeping the translation project within your budget.

Planning Ahead and Choosing Your Languages

Smart organizations always plan ahead to avoid falling into common pitfalls. If you always wanted to test the international markets with your business product, it makes sense to organize your content so that translating it in multiple languages, later on, would be easy.

An organized translation project will save time, money and resources while ensuring a smooth translation process by a translation company. One of the key questions to ask yourself is if you really need to translate your content in multiple languages in the first stage of your business expansion? Perhaps choosing 1 or 2 languages of those markets which will work best for your content and business is better to initially test the waters. This will not only dramatically reduce your cost but will also help shape your international growth and content strategy in the future.

Creating Translation Friendly Content

When creating content, a little organization will go a long way. Preparing all your documents and files as you create your initial content will help save days of work later on for a language translation company. Here is how you can create a translation friendly content which is easier to translate and will save money:

  1. Make sure the text has clarity, is precise and consistent. Use the same phrases, terms to express the same concept.
  2. Get rid of unnecessary and irrelevant content ‘fillers’ that will not suit your target markets. These can be idioms, metaphors or references to a local culture. Making your content universal in the first stage really helps with translation later on.
  3. Make sure there is enough space in your text as translation often leads to expanded texts from one language into another.
  4. A good and complete source file includes original text, images, brand fonts and guidelines which make translation by a arabic translation company easy.

Checking the Digital Content

If you really want your content to be engaging and to churn out results, make sure you check your digital assets and content. If you want to localize and translate a website, avoid hard-coding it or embedding text in images which will make it difficult for a language translation company to translate – and that will cost you more.

Adapting Technology

Making most of technology can save a lot of effort and make processes easier. Using tools like Translation Memory, Glossaries and DNT can improve the speed as well as the consistency of translations and ultimately cost less. These tools help a translation company identify your brand’s tone for consistency and store texts with translations to be reused in the future.

Hiring a Trusted Translation Company

Everyone knows that quality comes with a price. If an agency is quoting you a shockingly low price, know that the quality will be low. You’ll be wasting your time, money and resources and will have to start all over again.

Torjoman is a leading translation and localization company in the MENA, and the first choice of customers for translations because of the quality translations, +24 years of experience and the well-established portfolio in the market.  With their translation services, you will get translation that is linguistically, functionally and culturally flawless.

They have expert translators of all fields: from automotive, IT, consumer/retail, financial, medical to life sciences. You also can get localized translations for legal, technical and commercial documents too – all of which can be customized for web, mobile, software, marketing materials etc. Torjoman believe that every translation job is unique with its length, sensitivity of the text, combination of languages, type of translation required, and the delivery times that are different for each job. This is why they give a customized quote to you for your project. And they guarantee you the best price and quality.

Centralizing the Process

Choosing one vendor and centralizing the process can save cost and give you a smoother workflow and greater transparency on your budget with less management to handle. Use these tips to reduce your translation costs. Choose a partner like Torjoman that understands your translation needs and gives a custom quote within your budget.

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