6 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Chiller Van For Rent in Dubai

A growing network for delivery markets has benefited from refrigerator trucks and vans. These vehicles provide a perfect option for companies to deliver quality products and services.

You might not make it to your sales floor without a chiller van, but you may end up throwing your perishable goods away. You may need a refrigerated vehicle if you need to ship flowers, produce pharmaceuticals, or any other item, as they are designed to maintain a consistent temperature while on the road.

Choosing one that suits your needs can be challenging, especially if this is your first time renting a reefer trailer. In order to make your search easier, I’ve created a short guide on how to choose the chiller van for rent in Dubai? Let’s start!

How to Choose the Chiller Van for Rent in Dubai?

Chiller Van for Rent

Those who work in the food transportation industry will understand how important it is to get a refrigerated truck. It can be challenging to decide what qualities to prioritize when many options are available.

#1 Temperature

First, you will need to determine what temperature you will need for a vehicle depending on its product. For example, it has to be kept at a safe temperature when transporting frozen food. This keeps the food from thawing while being transported.

If you are keeping food or other products at different temperatures, it can be a good idea to keep track of them in a notebook or on a computer. After that, when you are ready to rent a chiller van, you will find one with temperatures that suits your needs.

There is nothing worse than investing only to discover that your stock has withered or melted away because the inside is too warm. Following are certain types of refrigeration to consider.

  • Single

In a chiller van, a single temperature container keeps things at a constant temperature. Compared to multi-temperature containers, these are typically lighter and more affordable.

Sometimes, it may be more convenient to transport the same type of product consistently. Additionally, these are the most common ones you will find.

  • Multi

Multi-temperature trucks would be an excellent choice when moving fresh produce and frozen foods. Separate compartments of these chiller containers are kept at different freezing temperatures, allowing partitioning the body into multiple boxes.

They can also save you time by reducing the number of times you have to go back and forth, as they will be able to transport a wider range of products together.

  • Diesel

Along with vehicle-powered refrigeration systems, diesel engine units can also be used for cooling. Power for these systems is separate from the vehicle’s engine and is usually more expensive.

They are helpful if you plan to transport materials over long distances, as they provide the refrigeration unit with electricity.

#2 Size

If you want to carry your products, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough space. Is it possible to fit everything you need safely in the vehicle you are looking at?

In the short term, a smaller vehicle may be enough for your company, but if you expect it to grow soon, you may want to invest in a larger vehicle that can handle expanding business needs. Long term, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

#3 Fuel Efficiency

It’s not cheap to operate a chiller van. Before you rent a refrigerated van, ask as many questions as you can about fuel efficiency.

Gas consumption for trucks with refrigeration is higher than that for trucks without refrigeration. Typically, cooling equipment is powered directly by the engine, which results in increased fuel consumption.

Insulation and other materials that keep your product cold are often heavy, adding substantial weight to your product when combined with large loads.

Trucks can have lighter materials to help reduce weight and other features that can help reduce gas consumption. Please be sure the insulation is in good shape and keeps as much heat as possible trapped.

#4 Materials

It depends on the use of the vehicle what material the body of the refrigerator is made of. High-quality materials can reduce wear and tear and help prevent corrosion and rust.

You may need to transport other elements that will spill out of the van’s body, depending on what you need to transport. Make sure the vehicle you’re considering is built to resist these kinds of spills and damage.

#5 Condition

It may not be in your budget to rent a new chiller van, so you’ll need to look for a used one. The new refrigerated vans feature more technological advancements but might cost more money. Not necessarily a brand new model, an older model can be an excellent long-term vehicle.

A well-maintained reefer van can perform the same function as a newer one. Ensure that the older truck has been well-maintained by looking for warning signs.

#6 Comfort

Whether it’s you or your employees, somebody is at the wheel. It is vital to consider how long your drivers will be on the road. When your steering wheel constantly pulls to the right, or if the interior is cramped, it can make a trip rough.

Although it is your responsibility to ensure that your products are well secured, keep in mind that human intervention is required.


How does a chiller van work?

In general, they work in the same way as household refrigerators. In the compartment, they use an insulated, airtight seal to absorb heat and dissipate the heat outside to keep the inside contents cool.


When the market is obsessed with so many options, it becomes really critical to find the one that works with your requirements. We advise checking the company in detail and finalize the deliverable before making a deal

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