5 Stylish Ways to Suit Up for the Summer

Every season comes with its own fashion. Currently, in different parts of the globe, it is the hottest season of the year. Among the fashion don’ts for many is layered clothing. Ergo, a lot of men avoid wearing a suit because layered clothing can only aggravate the physical discomfort brought on by the extreme heat of summer.

However, summer is also the favorite time of the year for occasions wherein looking dapper is a must. June, for instance, remains the favorite month for weddings. Therefore, it may prove to be difficult for men who have a healthy social life to avoid wearing a suit.

It is important to note, though, that suits adapt to seasons as well. If you wish to build your collection of suits, there are summer-appropriate options to consider.

Here are some tips to follow in purchasing a suit that you will not mind donning during the hottest time of the year:

1. Go for a loose fit.

Loose-fitting suits are a top trend these days, and they make suit-wearing entirely appropriate for the summer. Boxy jackets or blazers and high-waisted loose trousers are in-demand suit options available in designer stores.

It’s best to have a custom-made or made-to-measure suit because the loose fit can be a bit tricky — you do not want to look like you are drowning in the ensemble.

Some people liken loose-fitting suits to pajamas, but they are structured enough to go from formal to cocktail. They are also perfect to wear with more laidback pieces such as floral shirts that you wear untucked, and sneakers, creating a cool, breezy outfit.

2. Opt for the Southern charm of seersucker suits.

Seersucker suits which are popular in the southern part of the country are perfect to wear during the summer. The all-cotton fabric, which is commonly striped or checkered, is light and cool on the skin.

Another attractive feature of this cotton fabric is it does not wrinkle because the way the material is woven creates a puffy appearance that prevents folds from forming. Also, it does not need ironing because its natural crinkles add to its appeal.

It’s worth mentioning as well that the traditional colors of seersucker suits make them easy to mix and match with other materials, making them incredibly versatile fashion options for the summer.

3. Look light and refreshed in linen.

Linen is another breezy material that is perfect for summer suits. It is not just cool; it is lightweight as well.

Linen often comes in a variety of neutral tones, which are often the best options for suits that you would want to wear a lot during the season. When buying a linen suit, make sure that the weave is not that tight. A tight weave can feel heavy and hot for the summer. However, it will make for a good transition piece for fall.

4. Feel fabulous in Fresco fabric.

If the US boasts seersucker suits for the summer, Brits, on the other hand, look fresh for garden weddings, parties, and sporting event wearing Fresco suits.

Fresco is a wool material that is impressively durable yet can come in lighter weights. It is ideal for the warm months since, despite being made of wool, it has an open weave which creates a nice ventilation system for the ensemble.

5.  Seek cool comfort from cotton blends.

Cotton has always been the fabric of choice for staying cool in the summer. It is lightweight, so air passes through it easily, and it is often hypoallergenic as well. However, for summer suits, cotton is best blended with linen or silk for better construction. Cotton blends are more resistant to wrinkling, and they do not need to be woven so tightly to hold their shape.

Additionally, cotton blends come in a variety of summer-wearable hues such as earth tones. A men’s khaki suit, for instance, offers infinite stylish possibilities as an ensemble and in separate pieces. You can pair them with guayabera or cigar shirts, polo shirts, and even shorts.

Suiting up for the summer may still be a challenge for the comfort requirements of many, but when it is necessary to wear a suit, it’s good to know that there are cool and stylish options to consider.


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