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5 Reasons You Should Skip Your Workout

Do you send yourself on a guilt trip every time you skip a workout? Well, it is easy to feel that way, especially when you are a fitness freak, but there are a few days when rest will benefit you more than a workout session.

Workout is an essential part of your lifestyle that should be done regularly. Joining one of the reputed Gyms in Dubai will help you achieve your fitness goals quicker. But there are days when you should just take a break. Here are a few such times when you should seriously skip the gym and rest.

1. You are Sick:

When you fall sick, your body needs all the energy stored to recover. Your body is already trying to use every bit of energy to make you well. If you start burning that energy in the gym, you will feel fatigued. Your recovery will be delayed, and just because you could not skip a day or two of your exercise, you will have to skip more as your condition will worsen. Your body will take more time to recover, and you will lose a lot of workout sessions. Hence, it is wiser to take a few days of rest till you feel completely well and then rejoin workout sessions.

2. You are Sore:

It is common for muscles to feel sore after weight lifting, but it should not be to such an extent that you do not feel like getting out of the bed. If you have been regularly working out and overdone it to the point that your muscles feel really sore, then you need time to recover. Working the same muscles again will only worsen the soreness. If your soreness worsens the next day after a workout, then experts recommend you to rest for a day or two; that helps the muscles recover and reduce soreness.

3. You Did Not Rest the Entire Week:

Experts say working out 4-5 days a week is more than enough. As you work your muscles every day, a healthy practice is to rest for 1-2 days for the muscles to recover. You don’t need to take a break only when you feel really sore. Taking such breaks will prevent your muscle from getting extremely sore and get relief faster.

4. Your Doctor Said So:

If you have any health issues that need you to rest for a few days, such as knee pain or backache, then consult a doctor immediately. If the doctor advises you to take a break, do listen as they are the expert. You would not want to amplify the intensity of your injury. Usually, a short span of recovery time is suggested before you can rejoin the gym.

5. You are Sleep Deprived:

If you have not slept 6-8 hours the previous night, you better sleep late instead of rushing to the gym. Better utilize the workout time to take a small nap to feel fresher. A sleep-deprived person is not attentive and is more prone to injuries.

The Bottom Line:

While skipping workout sessions frequently is not a healthy practice, you will not gain weight if you skip it once or twice a week. Sometimes there are bigger things you need to focus on, and if exercising makes it worse, then better to recover than worsen the condition. Take breaks from exercise as and when required to re-energize and heal the body so you can get back to your regime quickly.

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