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5 Photography Tips from Reputable Commercial Photographers

Photographs are excellent tools for business promotion. Producing high-quality images of your products and services is highly beneficial in reaching more potential clients and conveying your brand’s message.

Commercial photography refers to creating photos for commercial purposes. It includes different niches, including fashion, product, headshot, architectural, environmental, and food.

Each type of commercial photography demands unique techniques to yield excellent images. Here, a reputable commercial photographer in Dubai shares five basic photography tips for generating engaging photos that can work wonders for your business.

1. Use the latest gear

Generally, good photography is highly dependent on the ability of the photographer, and not necessarily the gear they use. But in commercial photography, it is quite different.

To compete with today’s intense market, you have to use the latest gear. You need to adapt to the state-of-the-art technological advances that are relevant to the field of photography. Last year’s industry-standard equipment is less (or no longer) applicable today.

For instance, you must use a camera with the highest number of megapixels. Also, the lenses must be equipped with luxury glass to guarantee sharpness. In addition to the camera, you should also have an up-to-date computer and editing software.

But this does not necessarily mean that you need to buy the latest gear, unless product photography is your career. You can borrow these pieces of equipment from rental shops.

2. Stay updated on industry trends

Like being aware of the latest technologies, you should also be updated on the current photography trends. Spend time on doing research and be knowledgeable about the present-day trending visual images. The world of photography always brings new aesthetic trends every season or every year, and these trends are becoming more vital than ever, what with all the social media buzz that consumers are very immersed in these days.

3. Master proper lighting

Handle lighting properly and use it to set the right mood. The best commercial photographers are known for their talent in conveying stories by their choice of light, while others are distinguished by their skill in yielding the best shots through illumination.

Being aware of the fundamentals of exposure is the first step in mastering proper lighting. And this involves three variables – aperture, shutter speed, and ISO – which control the amount of light that enters the sensor of the camera.

Always take advantage of natural light. Otherwise, use a flash to produce an enticing array of tones. Moreover, use softboxes or umbrellas as diffusers to prevent the light from being too harsh. Backlights are likewise helpful in conveying thrilling effects.

4. Practice the “Rule of Thirds”

The “Rule of Thirds”  in photography refers to splitting the photo with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines and then inserting the main components in the photo on those lines, or at their intersection points. This practice can make your images more engaging because viewers can see more than just the subject.

When it comes to commercial photography, experts in product photography across the globe know that their output must grab the viewer’s attention, regardless of whether they are looking at a billboard or browsing through a magazine.

The photo’s composition matters most. And the Rule of Thirds yields a well-balanced shot that boosts the photo’s attractiveness. Most cameras today allow you to split up the LCD screen into the grid of the Rule of Thirds, so it becomes a lot easier to put this photography technique into practice.

5. Aim to be different and creative at every opportunity

Offering something distinct is an excellent way to stand out from the competition. You have to showcase your unique concepts, style, and methodology. Let your creativity sparkle through your output. Devise a means to showcase your products and services uniquely.

Low angles are best for making your products appear bigger than their actual size, while high angles allow you to integrate salient background elements.

For instance, embrace rare angles because these can increase interest and add drama to the image. You might need to lay down on your back to get a different perspective from high up or down below. Tilt your camera at different angles to determine which angles will yield the best image.

Creating the best images for commercial purposes is not as hard as it appears. With the right techniques, you can achieve the best possible results. But if you find it hard to create excellent images, perhaps due to limited resources, you can always get the services of talented freelance photographers. These professionals will have the proper skill and equipment to provide you with images that stand out from the competition and convey your brand message well.


American artist Shea Winter Roggio is a documentary and fine art photographer living in Dubai, UAE. Shea Winter Photography LLC provides documentary, editorial and commercial photography services, along with video, television and film production services, and retails photographic souvenirs such as fine art prints, canvas and frames.

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