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4 Pro Tips To Enjoy Desert Safari To The Fullest

Dubai’s natural beauty and amazing man-made destinations invite everyone to come, visit, enjoy, and relax. Among numerous other attractions, tourists are most attracted to the luxury desert safari in Dubai to enjoy the true essence of deserts when in the UAE. If you are planning your vacation in Dubai and looking forward to doing a desert safari, you must be aware of some tips to make the most out of your tour. Let’s have a look at what those pro tips are that will let you enjoy your desert safari to the fullest.

Choose the correct time

When you go to book your Dubai desert safari tour or deal, you will come across multiple options. Before opting for anyone, you should be aware of the timings of all of them so that you can make an informed choice. We will give you a rough overview of the timings that are offered with the most popular packages;

  • Morning Desert Safari lasts for 4 hours between early morning to noon.
  • Overnight Desert Safari gives you a mind-blowing experience of 17 hours, typically starting in the afternoon and ending on the morning of the next day.
  • Evening Desert Safari lasts for approximately 7 hours, starting in the evening and ending after dinner.

These are the approximate timings of some of the most popular tours. You can get detailed information by contacting the representatives of your desert safari company.

Don’t drink or eat in excess before your Desert Safari 

Desert safari is a thrill-filled experience, especially dune bashing. You get through lots of bumps and jerks, which get you a bucket full of joy and excitement. Before going for dune bashing in Dubai, you must make sure not to drink or eat too much if you want to enjoy the experience to the fullest. The too much-filled stomach can end you up with puking, which you will never want. So it is better to avoid eating and drinking before dune bashing.

Opt for an appropriate attire

Deserts can be really harsh with the weather, so it is essential to follow the dressing guidelines to make the most out of your trip. Wear loose-fitting clothes, preferably in white or lighter colors, as you don’t want to absorb a lot of sunlight and feel hot. Moreover, you must wear sunglasses too, to protect your eyes from the scorching sun. Deserts can be very hot, and if you wear closed shoes, you may end up feeling really uncomfortable. Instead, opt for sandals or open-toed shoes to keep you comfortable all day long.

Bring motion sickness medication

Many people feel motion sickness when traveling, so it is better to carry your medicines with you. Whenever you start feeling discomfort, you can immediately take the medicines and prevent your desert safari experience from ruining. If you don’t have the medicines and start feeling motion sickness, your whole trip will be wasted, leaving you feeling worse, which no one will want.

Bottom line 

Desert Safaris are fun, and the unlimited joy you get by doing one is unmatched. You can enjoy the most of it by following simple guidelines. These tips might not seem that much useful, but they are going to help you a lot and make your experience worthwhile. Apart from these tips, it is also necessary to choose a tour company which knows how to cater to the tourists and make them comfortable during the whole trip. can be your perfect partner while doing a desert safari. We are one of the best desert safari companies in Dubai, offering multiple packages according to your needs and at the most affordable rates. Go through the details on our website and choose according to your requirements.

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