Why Should You Buy AC Pet House For Your Fur Friend In UAE?

Just like us, the animals are prone to health hazards when exposed to outdoors during heat and cold. Especially in the Middle East region, the warmer temperature will make the dogs vulnerable to illness and injuries.

So what exactly happens when you expose your fur friends to outdoors during summer?

Before answering this question, we all should acknowledge the fact that the domesticated animals are not like their ancestors, who had an amazing survival skill. So the mere thought of their survival outdoors during the summer heat is just stupid.

When exposed to the heat, hyperthermia or heat stroke hit the innocent ones. Heatstroke or heat exhaustion is a potential threat to any pets who are exposed to the sun. It occurs when dog’s standard body mechanisms cannot keep body temperature in a safe range which leads to organ failure, seizures, brain damage, hemorrhages, blindness, convulsions, and even death. A 2006 study published by the Journal of Veterinary Medicine found that almost half of the dogs affected by heatstroke will die. During colder months, Dogs can get wet all the way down to their skin, prompting bacterial infections and viruses.

So, what is the solution?

There is a limitation for keeping pets indoors. In fact, many pet owners wonder if they should keep their pets indoors due to many reasons such as the dog is too big to be inside, family allergies to dog’s hair, family members or guests that are afraid of a big dog etc. The only solution to all these is to keep them outdoors on a climate-controlled pet house.

For a long healthy life to your best friend, it is essential to provide them with a comfortable living space. Pet house with AC sounds like a prospectus solution that can keep your pets safe and healthy. Though it may seem expensive as well as excessive, it is actually not in the long run.

Not all human beings love dogs, but dogs love their master. After all, he is your best friend who will give you camaraderie, respect, love, loyalty, and happiness. So, give them back by providing the best dog house available in the market.

Where can you find the best AC pet houses in UAE/ Middle East region?

If you need a pet house, you need to make the right choice because pets are like our family. With so many offers available in the market, you can land up in the cheapest ones, but those are not always the right ones. You have to keep in mind a lot of things before gifting the pet houses for your fur friend. Mister Pet is a leading pet house suppliers in UAE. You will find a wide range of AC pet houses in UAE for all type of pets in Mister Pet.

When your dog’s love to spend their time outdoors, provide them with the best and comfortable space in all types of weather. Give them the same climate you enjoy inside your home and pamper them to the core. Do it with Mister Pet, and you won’t regret it?

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