Top System Integrators in UAE

The process of combining all virtual and physical components into a single, cohesive architecture to make sure that every component of an organization functions as a whole is known as system integration. The data that is saved in software, programmes, and databases makes up virtual components, whereas all computer hardware modules make up the physical components. Software integration and IT integration are other names for system integration. Businesses employ system integration primarily to make sure that all systems operate in harmony, increase productivity, and improve the standard of daily operations.

A system integrator is a person or company that assembles computing systems for customers from a variety of hardware, software, networking, and storage items from many vendors. Instead of spending more money on more expensive, customized implementations that might need custom programming or the production of special components, a business can use a system integrator to align less expensive, preconfigured components and commercial off-the-shelf software to meet key business goals.

Listed below are some of the top system integrators in UAE.


Being one of the top system integrators in UAE, Aesthetix has a team dedicated to providing smart and innovative solutions to all significant assets in the world, including the largest offshore and onshore oil and gas infrastructure as well as complicated train and metro systems. They have a team of professionals who are essential to their distinctive delivery-focused culture as one of the top telecom system integrators and engineering service providers. They help them stand out from their rivals and draw in and retain customers. Many customers have been persuaded of Aesthetix’s abilities through alliances with factories of the highest caliber. Aesthetix’s devoted integration staff is skilled at assembling, integrating, and testing complicated machinery as well as big turnkey projects. They have a specialized Custom Integrated Centre (CIC) in Dubai that is equipped with all the resources needed to assemble, interconnect, and integrate systems utilizing best practices and authorized engineering designs that are tailored for their clients. This facility is equipped to assemble, configure, and test projects of significant size.


One of the most sought-after telecom system integrators in the UAE, Emircom has a committed and experienced team of telecom system engineers. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including in-house engineering, drafting, procurement, project management, and commissioning. Emircom, which was founded in 1984, has over 500 employees working for it, and during the past three years, it has generated an annual revenue of USD 150 million. As well as being a trusted partner for CISCO for its operations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, they are also an approved vendor for significant oil and gas businesses in the UAE and in the public sector.


With more than a decade of expertise serving important business sectors in SMB, mid-market, and corporate clients, Hedges Information Technology LLC is a leading and well-respected integrator of IT, ELV, and AUTOMATION systems situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. To address the expanding needs of their clients, they offer a comprehensive project lifecycle, including advice, design, implementation, and continuing support. Through a variety of strategic technological collaborations involving market-leading vendor goods and solutions and individualized sales and technical support, they aid businesses in growing more smartly.


Established in 1987, Omnix Media Networks, Inc. is a renowned and elite telecom system integrator in the United Arab Emirates. For its vast clientele, which spans all areas of the UAE and the Middle East, Omnix’s main goal is to deliver best-in-class IT, enterprise software solutions, and professional audiovisual. Among other places, Omnix has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Jordan.


Prologix is an ISO-certified business that was founded in 1998 and provides telecom system integration services to customers in the Middle East and Africa. Prologix, a company with over 300 highly qualified personnel, has alliances with numerous industry giants, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, Oracle, and CISCO, to name a few. Prologix is also an approved platinum partner of Avaya. Through their locations in the Middle East, Africa, India, and Sri Lanka, Prologix provides cloud-based solutions and security network operations across sectors such as education, telecom, government, healthcare, hospitality, BFSI, and oil and gas.


In the Middle East, Green Telecom LLC is a reputable and quickly growing provider of security control and automation solutions. With a large clientele, Green Telecom offers network solutions and expert residential system integration to its customers. All of its clients receive the highest-quality goods, top-notch consulting services, high standards of work ethics and professionalism, and the best knowledge from Green Telecom. Green Telecom is a leader in home and building automation, as well as home security and other services.

Hope you got a clear idea about the top system integrators in UAE. Finding the top digital agencies in UAE can be challenging sometimes. However, while choosing system integrator companies, you need to make suure that the company you choose provide seamless integration of systems with optimal functionality

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