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Top 10 Food Markets in Georgia

If you are planning a trip from Dubai to Georgia and are wondering about the various food places, then we’ve got the best list for you. Of course, planning your trip with one of the best tour operators in Dubai will definitely help you get the best food, accommodation, and explore the most popular places in Georgia. This article comprises the list of the best food markets in Tbilisi that will help you to stock up for all-day tours and activities. Find where you can get the finest and the most exotic local foods, fresh farm produce, local speciality foods, and veggies. We have compiled a list of the best food markets in Georgia to find all kinds of food items.

Popular Food Markets in Georgia

Georgians are famous for their hospitality, warm, open character and generosity. Once you visit the food markets in Georgia, you will come to know that they invite you to their food stalls to taste food items, without any assumption that you will buy. 

Listed below are 10 of the prime food markets in the city. Read and travel as an informed visitor who is smart and well-equipped with knowledge.

1. Desertir Market, Tblisi: 

The Desertir Market is the local bazaar for all kinds of food items. Here, you can find ‘A to Z’ of all kinds of food items. From fresh farm produce to the packed food – you can find everything here. It is one of the must-visit places for trying a variety of food in Georgia. Also, you can find an amazing collection of fruits and vegetables, nuts, beverages, local candies, and cheese. If you are a vegetarian then you must visit this market.

2. Your Market, Tbilisi: 

Your market Tbilisi is another one of the most famous food markets in Georgia. It is located in Digmis masivi, Levan Tsikarishvili. The store will be open 24 hours a day and provides all kinds of food items. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, groceries, packed foods, bread, and aerated drinks – you can buy anything here. It is a great place for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food shopping. The prices might be a bit higher as compared to the roadside markets. But the quality of the food items is excellent.

3. Bagrati: 

Bagrati is located in Atoneli Street of Tbilisi and is also one of the best food hubs in Georgia. You can find some of the most amazing wines, grappa, and chacha at affordable prices. Different kinds of cheese used in Georgian cuisine are also available in this market.

4. Carrefour:

Located in Karvasla, Carrefour is one of the most popular places in Georgia for food. It is visited by the tourist as well as the locals for daily shopping of food items. It is a modern food market or hypermarket for all kinds of grocery shopping. You can find all kinds of daily food items, especially fresh vegetables and fruits at really affordable rates. The shop is particularly crowded on the weekends.

5. Didube Market: 

Didube Market located on Akaki Tsereteli Avenue in Tbilisi is a busy and popular food market in Georgia. You can buy all kinds of food items here. Some vendors at the market know very little English but fluent in the Georgian language. You can find some of the best spices here. Bread, cheese, dry fruits, and other local food items can be easily found in the Dudube Market.

6. Economoff Market: 

Economoff Market located in Zaza Panaskertel-Tsitsishvili Street of Tbilisi is an urban hypermarket that offers a wide variety of foodstuffs. As compared to other supermarkets, it has a wide variety of food items. You can buy all kinds of eatables here.

7. Koko Market: 

The Koko market is yet another famous market in Georgia for quality food items. You can find fruits, vegetables, beverages, nuts, cheese, bread and other such food items in this market.

8. Dry Bridge Market: 

Dry Bridge Market is a popular flea market in Tbilisi. Apart from buying antiques and souvenirs, you can also shop all kinds of food items here. The shopkeepers arrange their food items on the roadside or on the hand-pulled carts. All items in the market are sold at really affordable prices. However, the language might be a problem; so you might need some help.

9. Foodmart: 

Foodmart, located on the Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue in Tbilisi is one of the most notable food markets in Georgia that sells all kinds of food items.

10. Smart:

Smart is yet another place in Georgia where you can find a variety of fruits, vegetables, and eatables arranged in rows and groups. This is one of the most famous food markets in Georgia. It is located on the Shota Rustaveli Avenue and is open 24 hours a day.

Though Georgia is primarily a non-vegetarian country, there is no limit to the vegetarian food options. However, you have to get creative and make the best use of available food items. From fresh farm vegetables and fruits to bread or any other baked items, you can enjoy all kinds of vegetarian food here. 

So, get your bags packed; don’t be late to book a Georgia holiday package from Dubai and catch the best travel experience while visiting this amazing country without any qualms regarding the food.

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