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The UAE government plans to achieve the digital goals for residents travel in the next 2 years

Digital transformation is not a new concept for the UAE and Dubai. The city’s journey of smart transformation began with the establishment of e-government in 1999.

The UAE government plans to use Blockchain technology for transactions in the next 2 years. To help with this initiative, the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2022 and Dubai Blockchain Strategy have been launched. The UAE Blockchain Strategy 2022 aims to use Blockchain technology to convert 50% of government transactions into a Blockchain platform by 2022. The Dubai Blockchain strategy will help Dubai become the first city entirely driven by Blockchain in 2022 and make Dubai the happiest city on earth. The strategy will use three strategic pillars, which are government efficiency, industry creativity, and international leadership.

As part of the efforts to adopt the latest technology and innovative practices on a global scale, Trans Reach International Group has established a subsidiary T R I GENERAL TRADING LLC for the Blockchain sector as a Blockchain platform technology development and application organization transaction. This will facilitate transactions between the financial and non-financial sectors of the market and increase the level of efficiency and reliability. It will supply Blockchain technology to government entities, international companies, and leading UAE banks.

Dubai’s goal is to “Become the first city entirely driven by Blockchain in the next two years.”  T R I GENERAL TRADING LLC has developed a roadmap based on Blockchain technology. Its goals include achieving efficiency through the use of Blockchain in 100% applicable government services, creating and enabling Blockchain ecosystems for enterprises, and becoming a global thought leader by piloting cross-border Blockchain cases.

The IT team of T R I GENERAL TRADING LLC and the business process owner conducted advanced technical analysis to support the core infrastructure requirements required for Blockchain tasks. This analysis creates a blueprint for a Blockchain platform as a service, and at the same time provides a case for digital identities that support Blockchain.

In order to accelerate and promote Blockchain solutions, T R I GENERAL TRADING LLC aims to allow all government entities to freely build on a shared framework based on their business needs. A fully managed, scalable, and secure platform that is able to be accessed at low cost through a pay-as-you-go model.

Simultaneously, it is also developing towards smart cities. A decentralized learning platform powered by Blockchain supports the development of digital skills. The goal is to increase the percentage of digitally skilled talent in the UAE to 10% by 2022 by avoiding rigid and isolated traditional institutional routes. Individuals can create personalized education paths, including practical work projects, relevant reading materials, conferences, face-to-face and online seminars for digital certification.

The 10 billion pieces of paper produced in Dubai each year are inseparable from paper in the fields of finance, education, real estate, tourism, commerce, health, transportation and security. Creating a smart city can digitize all services, including those listed above and visa applications, bill payments, and permit updates. All these records will now be traded securely using Blockchain technology. And keep safe records on the Blockchain database.

A key goal of achieving the digital goal for residents travel is to implement the Dubai Blockchain strategy by 2022. The strategy aims to digitize all government services, small and medium-sized enterprises, and other fields, and provide these services to Dubai residents and tourists through Blockchain technology.


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