The Top Money Exchange in UAE

A money exchange or currency exchange company allows global money transfers and currency exchanges at individual or company level. UAE is a major economic hub for many investors around the world and also has a large population of expatriates who regularly use money exchange services to transfer funds to their families back home. That is why the need of money exchanges in UAE offering the best currency rates is very high. We are listing the top UAE money exchanges below:

Al Rostamani International Exchange

Al Rostamani Exchange, a part of Al Rostamani Group, has been offering remittance and money exchange services for nearly 40 years. Al Rostamani International Exchange offers end-to-end services and best currency exchange rates for individuals and businesses.

Call their Toll-Free number 800 4250 or visit any nearest branch to get more information.

You can also get more information from their website:

Al Rostamani International Exchange is widely considered to be the top money exchange in UAE by corporates and individuals.

Sharaf Exchange

Sharaf Exchange is the part of Sharaf Group which is one of the leading business groups in Emirates. Sharaf money exchange is providing services to its clients for over a decade. Their aim is to offer special services meet the requirements of their customers. Sharaf Exchange branches are located at main public places and high end streets in UAE.

Al Ansari Exchange

The exchange was initially established to fulfil the remittance needs of their trade partners of Al Ansari family. Today Al Ansari Exchange is one of the leading money exchanges in UAE with the largest network in the country having over 170 branches.

Lulu International Exchange

Lulu exchange is a leading name in foreign exchange and non-banking finance, currently operates over 180 branches in UAE. Lulu offers reliable and seamless financial services with employees in 31 countries.

Al Ghurair Exchange

Al Ghurair Exchange has over 30 branches around the UAE. With currency exchange, foreign remittances and national bonds, they also offer non-resident account opening to their customers. Al Ghurair offers a convenient and reliable way to connect people around the world with their competitive financial services.

GCC Exchange

GCC Exchange is rapidly growing foreign exchange and money transfer service offering its services to individuals and businesses in Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania besides entity in UAE. GCC Exchange offers safe and simple procedure for foreign remittances. The company also has the facility of web TT service for their clients.

Orient Exchange

Being a pioneer of money exchange business in UAE, Orient Exchange has served millions of customers in past nine decades. They started their financial services journey from the beginning of 20th century when demand of foreign currencies was on the rise. Orient Exchange is the child company of famous business group of UAE Arabian Trading Agency Group.

Index Exchange

Index Exchange previously knows as Habib Exchange Company was granted license by UAE Central Bank in 1976 to conduct foreign exchange services. The Habib Exchange was fully acquired by Al Hail Holding in 2014 and rebranded as index exchange. Service offered by index exchange includes; foreign exchange, payroll, remittances, cash collection and bill payments. The branch network of Index Exchange is expanding all around the UAE.

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