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Online marketing or Offline marketing? Which one should you choose!

The main motive behind any kind of marketing strategy is to drive sales. Creating brand’s awareness and catching the leads is the ultimate goal of any business. This goal can be achieved by both online as well as offline marketing.

Over the last two decades, digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Any business would either prefer to go digital or nothing. However, that is just one of the many misconceptions in the marketing business. Offline marketing and online marketing must go hand in hand to keep moving forward towards the success milestone.

But how to connect them both? Here are some tips,

Take online marketing and go offline

How many times have you seen a QR code when you ran into a Starbucks or some other store nearby? When observed, you’d see there are cutouts of QR codes in and around the store. It is to compel the user to go online and check their product out.

Brands also provide a certain amount of discount for going online. Bonus points if you get to refer a friend. These loops of offers and discounts continue as long as the consumers show interest in the brand. All you need to do is invest in some offline marketing as well. Most people also enjoy getting into the spotlight. Request for permission and use their images along with the brand for your offline marketing.

Email marketing

It isn’t surprising to know that on average, a person checks her/his phone more than 63 times a day. And they check their emails over 15 times! It is more likely that your emails are read and what it offers are reviewed. The email content needs to be engaging with the audience as per their tastes and preferences. So, the list you need to prepare is rigorous.

However, once the potential list is created the rest comes easy. The subject line is the key deciding factor if the person wants to read the email or not. It should be short, to the point and crisp! But how to get the contacts? Simple. AI-powered email search websites come to the rescue. GetEmail.io is a highly efficient platform that answers the user’s question about how to find someone’s email. This freemium platform is easy to use and effective with a success rate of over 80%!

Brick-and-mortar Stores

Sure, online purchases are fun and exciting. It is like waiting for the Christmas present that you’ve ordered for yourself! But many times people have time limitations due to which waiting isn’t beneficial at all. For times like these Brick-and-mortar stores are really helpful.

One can purchase an item physically for a price that they see online. What’s your profit? Much more engaging business. People will prefer to come to the takeaway place more than wait for a long time. Many brands are switching to this kind of platform which is also helping with their marketing strategy. Social media is also driving the public to try Brick-and-mortar shops. Social media has inspired 47.5% of online purchasing Americans to visit in-store fashions.

Rewards and discounts

Everyone loves bonus points and discounts for each purchase they incur. For offline marketing, you get discounts in the mode of stamps, coupons, brochures etc. and, for online marketing, you get coupon codes and guaranteed rebates for the next cart items.

Blend these different strategies together to make the most of it. Provide a 1+1 offer for downloading the app through the QR at the store. Or offer a minimum per cent discount online for subscribing to your newsletter. The possibilities are limitless. The only point of consideration is the consistency of all this information on online as well as offline platforms. You will hit your milestones only when there is consistency along with perseverance.


An amalgamation of offline and online marketing is intriguing as well as challenging. Both of them need as much attention as one gets. When your grounds are strong, your work gets more effective and efficient.

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