MOFA Attestation and Its Importance in obtaining a UAE Visa

UAE is one of the most reputed places in the Middle East when it comes to travelling, business, and migration for professional ventures. All such things require a UAE Visa. UAE visa is a legal document that must be obtained by international tourists for transit purposes. To obtain the visa, you can apply online on the official website of your home nation and submit the scanned images of documents, as required and as applicable. You have to pay a pre-set fee for the same. Further, the visa application also involves a visa interview, and only upon its successful completion, you are issued a visa.

Apart from these steps, there is one utterly crucial step that you have to take in order to use your documents internationally– the MOFA attestation.

In the following post, we are going to discuss this attestation and the importance of MOFA attestation in UAE in obtaining a UAE Visa. So, if you are planning to migrate to UAE for a long period of time, or permanently, we recommend you read the following post carefully and learn about MOFA attestation to ensure that all your documents are properly verified before you leave your home country.

What is MOFA Attestation?

The MOFA Attestation is the legalization and verification of your documents by your home government for using them in UAE or any other foreign country. This is a highly crucial process in which the HRD ministry offices responsible for various documents (depending on the nature of the document) attest the document in the home country. Then, the attested document is passed to the UAE Consulate or Embassy in the home country for further attestation. Afterwards, the document is shipped to UAE for final attestation and then handed over to the original owner. This is how MOFA Attestation is done. So, this attestation is done to make sure that the person claiming the documents for a particular purpose is an actual owner of the document, and the said document is a valid proof for the purpose.

Now that we have had an overall understanding, let us find more about the importance of MOFA attestation in getting a visa for UAE.

Why is MOFA Attestation Important?

If you wish to use your educational or professional documents for any purpose in the UAE, there is no way to prove their credibility; until or unless they are verified by the Foreign Ministry of your home country. Now, if you don’t complete this attestation before arriving in UAE, getting everything done will require a lot of money and time. This can come with an additional burden on your finances, and you can also lose any opportunity while waiting for your documents.

This is because the documents are passed from one office to another, along with hundreds of other documents and the final verification might take a few weeks to be completed.

As the MOFA attestation ensures the credibility and worth of any international document, it certifies you as the owner of the document. Hence, you must get it done before leaving your country and never miss out on any excellent opportunity ever!

Check out the various reasons you might require a MOFA Attestation.

1. Credibility of the person

Dubai has always been the gem of the Middle East and people with varying interests have always been flowing into the lands for different purposes. Some want to study, some want to establish their businesses, some want to retire or relocate, and some are moving to a new land to find more excitement. However, simultaneously, there are many illegal people with criminal intentions that are making the moves. Hence, the MOFA attestation is the borderline defence mechanism against the intruders and also comes in handy when people from similar home nations require distinction on the basis of criminal or illegal activities.

2. Inter-University Exchange

This is the age where a global education or global career is nothing out of the box. Many students also take part in the student exchange programs to make the most of their student lives. For all such students, the MOFA attestation is a key that allows them to study abroad.

3. University Norms for Educational Certificates

Different universities have different systems for marking and result generation. The credit-based systems also vary across the various universities in the world. Hence, when it comes to education and admission based on merit, a universal grading system is required for foreign students and local students. The foreign students are then required to convert their mark sheets into transcripts for international usage. These transcripts are then verified and attested for international usage. In such cases, the MOFA attestation ensures that the transcripts are authentic and calculated as per the standardized processes. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure bias-free and fair evaluation of international students.

The similar rule applies to the personal (sponsorship, guardianship, adoption, divorce or marriage etc) or business documents (invoice, license, business numbers etc).

How to get everything done?

There are two ways for MOFA Attestation:

1. Self-initiated:

You have to log on to the official government website, find the forms, fill them, pay the fee and finally submit your documents. Whenever there are any other formalities, you have to complete them on your own, for example, appearing for certain verifications and taking your documents from one office to another (as required).

2. Via an agency:

There are many companies that offer attestation services in UAE, and all you have to do is submit your documents and pay the fee. They can handle everything from their end. There are many reputed companies that you can choose for attestation. The professionals have a rich experience and are updated with the latest information. So, you don’t have to bother with the reading of confusing guidelines or worry about making a mistake. You can also track your attestation progress and simply wait for the job to be done!

We hope all our readers can conclude the importance of MOFA Attestation in obtaining a UAE Visa. For more information and expert guidance, please reach out to us in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

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