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Jetour Launches First Global Service Skills Competition to Enhance Quality Service Worldwide

Jetour Launches First Global Service Skills Competition
Jetour Launches First Global Service Skills Competition

Wuhu, China (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — From November 22-23, 2023, Jetour has inaugurated its first Global Service Skills Competition in Wuhu, China, with the aim to polish the capabilities of their service staff worldwide. Under the theme “JETOUR STAR SERVICE FROM HEART,” the competition drew nearly 60 finalists in the service sector, emphasizing Jetour’s dedication to enhance global service quality, foster customer loyalty, and advance the brand’s global reach.         

Global Service Skills Competition

The contest included Reception, Maintenance, and Teamwork sessions to holistically evaluate the skills of the participants. Contestants were challenged to exhibit proficiency in customer engagement, technical acumen, and collaborative problem-solving. The Reception session focused on the delivery of satisfactory service, the Maintenance session on the quick identification and resolution of vehicle issues, and the Teamwork session on group dynamics and knowledge application.

The competition concluded with Mohamed Gamal Abdelmohsen Ahmed Moharam from Egypt and Gouthom Venugopalan from Bahrain winning the individual categories, and the Egypt Team securing the team title, all exemplifying Jetour’s service excellence.

Delivering quality services for an expanded owner group by accelerating globalization strategy

Jetour, a rising star in the global automotive scene, has made notable advances within the “Travel+” market niche. The brand celebrates surpassing 800,000 vehicle sales and enjoys a robust global fan base of 39 million. With a comprehensive network of over 600 sales and service centers spread across more than 40 countries, Jetour has distinguished itself with top sales in the SUV segment in markets such as Angola, Colombia, Uruguay, and Uzbekistan.

These results are highly dependent on the improvement in service levels. Since May 2021, Jetour APP has been launching a wide range of intelligent service functions to deliver professional, intelligent, privileged and connected service by establishing “online consultant” relationship with users. The Global Service Skills Competition this year has further elevated Jetour’s service capabilities to a new level through global competition. Looking ahead, Jetour will build a more diversified owner ecosystem on top of quality services to create convenient service experience for users while delivering more values and benefits through its service platform.

It is reported that Jetour plans to construct 10 KD manufacturing plants all over the world, expand its presence to 60 markets and achieve annual sales of over 1 million vehicles with a network of 1,600+ distributors in the future in order to enhance its operation capabilities in global business, global service, localized value chain and ecosystem and to bring service excellence of Jetour to the world.

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