How to Sell your Car Fast in Dubai?

According to a story published by the in June 2020, the number of registered vehicles in Dubai now exceeds an astounding number of 1.83 million.

Compared with the figures from the previous years, this number has only increased in significant proportions.

And despite the fact that the economic performance in the year 2020 was actually very dull, the increase in purchasing power of the people in Dubai sets a good trend, with high hopes that it will continue in the year 2021 as well.

Considering all these facts and combining it with the usual vehicle depreciation rate in Dubai which in most cases is not more than 2 to 3 years, selling your used car in Dubai should not be an issue.

But still, even when the car market seems most favorable and buyers are booming there are instances when selling your car can be quite a pain and exhausting.

While this may not seem a trouble if you are planning to replace your old car with a new one, imagine the case where an expatriate who needs to sell their car together with other property before returning to their country and who only have with them limited time available on their visa.

So the question arises about how to sell your car fast in Dubai?

Well in this article, we look at ways in which anyone can easily, simply and quickly sell their car in Dubai.

The three best ways to sell your car fast in Dubai

1. Post a classified advertisement

Posting a classified advertisement on an online website or in the newspaper, especially in the weekend editions, is the most widely used method of selling a used car.

Although this method may or may not cost much and offers some good features such as the possibility of adding several different angle photo shots with the post, to gain more buyer attraction and subsequent response, it has some disadvantages as well.

The first and the most important is that it requires an ample amount of time to be available when the prospective buyer comes for vehicle inspection and trial.

In some cases, it could even cost an entire day or a whole weekend of yours as well. And even after all this, there is no guarantee that you would get a suitable offer for your car or not.

In addition to this, you also remain busy on the telephone answering phone calls of unknown persons, some of which might just be bogus or prank calls to waste your valuable time.

2. Looking for a Car Exchange options

If you are planning to upgrade the current model of your car or are planning to entirely change the car you currently own, this option is most suitable in your case.

Visit any car exchange showroom or look on the internet for any website offering this service.

What usually happens in this is that the car exchange company will take in your car details and find a suitable replacement option or directly take your old car in exchange for a new one.

While not many companies offer such a facility, it is good to mention that under such car exchange programs, you can exchange any car you own manufactured by any company.

3. Sell your Car Instantly

Well it may sound unrealistic, but it is a fact that this is the most convenient and feasible option of selling your car in Dubai.

All you need to do is to visit the website and fill in the necessary details regarding your car.

Upon completion of this process, you will instantly be given a cash sale offer from

If you find it attractive, which you most certainly will, proceed further and book an appointment.

The car inspection and sales team unit at will visit your place for a totally 100 percent free car inspection.

Next, you just need to approve the sale by accepting the offer and you get instantly paid with a cash payment in less than 30 minutes.

And above all, it does not matter what car you own, what is its model or how old and in what condition it currently is. has an offer for everyone.

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