How to Make a Car Off-Road Ready? | The 5 Essentials

Even though today’s SUVs and trucks are capable straight off the assembly line, a few tweaks may turn your vanilla cruiser into an off-road beast.

Not even the most skilled driver can predict what he will come across when he is driving off the main road, but the next few extras, plus a safety-focused mindset, can perfectly keep you going.

For all the following equipment, you have to make sure you get the pieces that are specially made for your truck, but if ever you got to the situation where you have no other option, then we recommend going for universal-fit pieces.

For all the all-terrain drivers out there, here is how to make your car off-road ready. Hold your breath; we are ready to go!

1. Tires

Car Tires

If you are planning to go off road, the first thing you need to modify is the wheel, as they are the only thing that separates your vehicle from the tough terrain.

Reliable all-terrain tires are more than perfect for all kinds of uneven grounds, including; mud, sand, and snow. Kudos to their depth and solid tread.

Not only that, but a good set of larger tires are also capable of traveling anywhere. They are firmer than regular road tires, which means that they are less likely to puncture whenever you go over uneven grounds.

We recommend taking your air compressor whenever you go off road, just in case!

2. Lift Kit

Lift Kit

Ground clearance is super essential. In fact, your range rover, Toyota land cruiser, or any SUV has no chance at all in case it sits low to the rocky terrain. Why?! because you will bottom out, leading to horrible damage to the bottom of your vehicle.

That’s why whenever you drive through a gravel road, it will be crucial to have lots of room between your car and the ground beneath it without drawing away from the balance.

Here comes the role of the suspension lift kit. It is made to provide ground clearance to prevent crashing into obstacles along your ride.

Lift kits come with powerful suspension and bushings. Why does it come with a suspension? Simply because the one that your car is equipped with is only meant for city and highway driving

Your suspension will need to be updated with heavy-duty springs, bushings, and other components to lift your car off the ground and take the support to the next level.

3. Light Bar

Light Bar

It is not always true that you can’t hit what you can’t see. To be honest, when you are driving on the beaten path, you will only crash into what you can’t see.

You need to get your Toyota 4runner equipped with either classic yellow smiley faces or stadium-quality lights.

4. Winch


No exaggeration! A winch can be your lifesaver, so you better make it your companion whenever you go off road.

A winch might have cables, ropes, or chains coiled around some rotating drum powered by a motor, which helps in pulling a massive amount of weight.

So, you need to invest in a winch, and it will give you a hand when you need it the most.

5. Snorkel


This is for off road drivers that drive through water, muddy ground, or heavy sand areas. It is built to stop water and thick dust from going inside the engine’s air intake, which enhances the performance of your road off road vehicle.

The 5 essentials we discussed are enough to get your vehicle ready to go off paved road, but if you want a high level of safety and performance, you might like to consider the following.

  1. Skid Plates. You can equip your off road vehicle with a skid plate in order to protect the following components from rough terrain and its obstacles:
  • The engine pan
  • The radiator
  • The front and rear differential (locking differential)
  • The transfer case
  • The transmission
  1. Bull Bar. The bull bar can push any kind of obstacle out of your land rover defender way, which keeps your front end safe.
  2. Roof Racks and Hitches. Whether you are driving in town or out of it, roof racks and Hitches are excellent for storing:
  • Camping gear
  • Luggage
  • Kayaks
  • Bike rack
  • Spare tire carrier

Make sure you get an aluminum roof rack because it is lightweight and more resistant.

Now you know how to make a car off road ready, and whether you own a Toyota Tacoma, Ford Bronco, or even Jeep Cherokee, we expect you to have the safest and most enjoyable off road trip!

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