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Five Effective Tips to Use Credit Cards Wisely in the UAE

DUBAI, UAE — (Arab Newswire) — A credit card is one of the most popular financial products for daily spends. From buying the latest high-tech gadgets to paying utility bills, grocery bills, internet bills and more, credit cards help complete all transactions with ease. What’s more, one can save money with a credit card by leveraging the amazing rewards and privileges.

Different banks offer different types of credit cards. Some credit cards offer rewards or cash back, whilst others are designed to enhance banking experience. Apply for a credit card in UAE to enjoy such benefits.

Applying for a credit card is an easy task but knowing how to use it efficiently can be challenging. Read along to know more about how credit cards can be used wisely.

4 Tips to Use Credit Card Wisely

  1. Pay Bills on Time

Having a good credit score is necessary to enjoy banking services without any challenges. With the timely payment of monthly credit card statements, there are good chances of improving your credit score. It’s ideal to keep a track of spends and ensure that monthly bills are paid on time.

  1. Avoid Credit Card Fraud

It is extremely important to use credit cards only on verified and secured sites and sources. This can save it from getting misused by scammers and fraudsters for making unauthorised transactions. Customers must also never share the credit card PIN number, OTP, CVV and other details with anyone. Such practices can keep credit cards safe from malicious activities.

Also, since most credit cards are accepted globally, while doing any transaction on a foreign site or an offline store, customers must make sure to check whether any extra charges have been applied. This facilitates easy tracking of spends and avoiding huge bills.

In case customers lose the card, the bank authorities must be informed immediately. So, if any transaction happens thereafter, the affected customer will not be charged.

  1. Utilise Rewards Efficiently

Credit cards offer a lot of privileges and redeemable reward points. The accrued reward points can be used to pay for flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

  1. Convert Big Bills to Small Monthly Payments

A large transaction can be converted into monthly EMIs so that the credit limit is maintained. This way, customers can pay their monthly credit card statements on time and ensure that the credit limit is not maxed out.

Final Thoughts

A credit card is a highly beneficial product when used wisely. Apart from using it for everyday expenses, it can be used as a go-to emergency option whenever an urgent financial need arises. So, get one today and enjoy all the privileges and benefits.


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