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Five Data-Driven Improvements To Your Content Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital marketing world, it’s nearly impossible to build your online reputation without content marketing. Digital marketing companies in Dubai concur with the fact that content marketing allows you to build trust with potential buyers, but it also enables the interaction opportunity with consumers online. It’s not surprising that almost 90% of digital marketers believe content marketing is the most significant piece to a successful content marketing strategy.

Which Data-Driven Improvements To Implement?

One of the ways to create successful content marketing is always to use reliable and fresh data. A content marketing strategy that is data-driven is more efficient while saving a lot of money, effort, and time since it delivers the needed content to the desirable audience at the best time possible. Before we share our hints on how to improve your content marketing strategy, read this post to find more engaging details about this topic https://www.searchenginejournal.com/data-driven-content-strategy-tips-increase-conversions/300693/.

Here are some of the data-driven methods to use to improve conversions:

Knowing The Targeted Audience

Collecting knowledge about the targeted audience as much as possible is essential for successful data-driven content marketing strategies. Essentially, this means that you’ll need to know as much as possible about the audience’s habits, needs, and preferences. It will allow you to collect different kinds of data and carefully analyze the data to further improve your content marketing strategy. Google Analytics or any other analysis tool can help you to obtain more demographic information about the targeted audience like their age, gender, location, income, job title, the kind of information they prefer, their emotion triggers, spending patterns, etc. All of this data can significantly help you build a data-driven buyer persona, which will further help you understand which content your audience shares and likes, buying patterns, and which communication channels they prefer to use.

Deeper Data Analysis

Going deeper with data analysis means you’ll need to obtain more useful data related to your existing web content, keywords, and your competitors. Website analysis allows you to learn more about which content topics and types are most popular among your targeted audience. You’ll need to use SEO analysis tools to be able to gather such information. The results you’ll get are various. For example, you may learn that some of your visitors prefer reading blog posts over listening to podcasts. This kind of information can play a crucial role in building your future content. By analyzing your content, you’ll learn what topics are trendy, which also brings benefits to your goal. Analyzing the most popular content to realize why it worked will further be of significant help when creating new content by the same pattern since it should have the same audience response. Building a keyword strategy is of crucial importance for successful data-driven content strategy. Analyzing trending keywords will give you insight on which topics are trending and which keywords were used. To analyze your competition, you need to browse through their websites and social media platforms and look for their content strategy. Only then you can understand their strategy and fight them accordingly.

Creating Exceptional Content

After you’ve gathered and analyzed enough data, create engaging content based on the data previously collected. Let’s say that the collected information shows that your targeted audience is into motion graphics. What should you do? Invest all your energy and the time you have in building a motion graphics content, of course. Read through the collected data and listen to what it has to say. Most of the digital marketing companies in Dubai would recommend you to do the same because that’s how you build a data-driven content marketing strategy that will work.

Content is King

Set Up Your Content Delivery Network

The right content delivered in perfect timing will surely generate a significantly better impact than another way around. The data you should use is based on when, what, and where your targeted audience stays online. Make note that all this data may serve differently depending on your niche, type of content, marketing goals, and targeted audience.

Check Content Performance

You should regularly measure your content’s performance to be sure your strategy is working as you’ve planned. Since consumer choices and market trends keep changing and evolving, you should always keep track of the following:

  • Checking changes in engagement levels like social media likes, shares, etc. A decrease of engagement with your content means you need to think of other strategies.
  • Using analytics tools to check the cost per acquisition and return on investment (ROI). In case your ROI is positive, you’re doing good strategic work, and keep on going.
  • Monitor user’s behavior so you’ll know of any changes like bounce rates, numbers of new and repeated visitors, time spent on content consummation, etc.

One More Thing

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