Don’t hire a divorce lawyer before contemplating these 5 questions

Marriage is said to be the bonding of two souls. We are always told that marriage is one of those few relationships which are eternal. But the real world is much more complex. Marriages often face a multitude of problems and everything starts to fall apart. The relationship which was once filled with love becomes hollow and no space remains left to reconcile things back to where they were. Hence, separation or divorce becomes inevitable.

If you are having a troubled marriage and you have made up your mind for separation then the first thing that you need to do is to hire a divorce lawyer. With the most number of divorce cases filed in a year, Dubai has the highest divorce rate in the region. So, the demand of divorce lawyers in Dubai is considerably very high. But how will you understand that the lawyer that you have chosen is perfect for your case? Well, ask the following questions before hiring divorce lawyers in Dubai and you will get the answer you seek.

Do you have a specialization in divorces? Are you a specialist in family law or is it just a part of your practice?

It is always best to hire a specialist having a profound experience of handling divorce cases. You will never want to hire someone who does not have enough experience in dealing with a divorce case like yours. Only an expert in the family law knows the tricks to turn a divorce case in the client’s favour. So, it is best to make everything clear with the lawyer from the very beginning. Know how experienced your lawyer is with the divorce cases and to take the right decision.

What is your approach to solving my case?

The method of working on a case varies with each lawyer. So, you undoubtedly say that every lawyer has their own to solve a case. But before getting started with your case, you need to be well informed about the plan of action of your lawyer.

‘What documents does he need to deal with the case? How will he involve you or your children (if any) in the case? What’s the chance of winning the custody of the children?’ These are some questions that you need to confront and get sorted with your lawyer. Once you are aware of the lawyer’s plan of action, you can easily evaluate whether it caters to all your requirements and decide accordingly.

How long will it take you to resolve my case?

Time is always an important factor in the legal cases. You surely do not want to remain entangled in the webs of a divorce case for a long time. Like everyone else, you also wish to get done with the divorce as soon as possible. Hence, it is your prime duty to ask your lawyer to give an estimate of the time that the case will require completing.

If you are unavailable to receive my calls during an emergency and I send you an email, how long will it take you to response? How do you plan to communicate?

While fighting a legal battle of divorce in the court, it is very important that you have a sound communication with your advocate. As the communication barriers can actually do harm to your case.

How you two can communicate freely? What will be the best way of communicating? And if the lawyer is unavailable to answer the call then what else you can do to communicate? These are the few basic questions that you need to ask a lawyer before hiring. The answers to these questions will prevent any misunderstanding between you and your attorney. Moreover, it will help you both to maintain a cordial working relationship.

What is your hourly rate? How much will it cost me?

There is no doubt that this is a hard question to answer for even the most talented divorce lawyers in Dubai. Apart from just the fees of the lawyer, there are several other costs involved. From filing the fees, copies, witness fees to postage, there are actually several costs involved in a divorce case. Thus, it is better to clear it out in the very beginning so that you can have a clear idea of what cost to expect. Contemplate the above questions and hire the best lawyer to get your divorce done without any hassle. Sometimes, separation provides you with new opportunities to your life. Thus, choose the best divorce lawyer to avail those opportunities

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