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[Citibank] – Unlock a World of Benefits with Citibank Rewards Credit Card

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DUBAI, UAE – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — Credit cards can be helpful financial tools for everyone. In particular, the Citi Rewards Credit Cards are designed for frequent shoppers as they offer multiple benefits when used for everyday purchases. From getting reward points to amazing deals and discounts at partner outlets, Citi Rewards Credit Cards are ideal for cardholders who shop, dine and travel frequently. With each eligible retail swipe, cardholders can get reward points which can then be redeemed for cash rebates, merchandise, gift vouchers, and travel-related spending.

Citi offers three credit cards under their Rewards Credit Cards category, namely:

  • Citi Prestige Credit Card
  • Citi Premier Credit Card
  • Citi Rewards Credit Card

All these Rewards Credit Cards by Citi offer something exciting to their users and help them get rewarded for every eligible transaction.

Benefits of Using Citi Rewards Credit Card

Customers can make shopping more rewarding by getting the best Rewards Credit Card from Citi. Below are some of the major benefits of using Citi Rewards Cards for everyday expenses:

  1. Thank You Points

For every eligible AED and non-AED spend, customers can earn ThankYou Points. Here are the  ThankYou points that customers can expect to receive when they spend with the following Citi Rewards Cards:

  • Citi Prestige Credit Card: Customers can get 3 ThankYou points for every $1 non-AED spend and 2 ThankYou points for every $1 local spend.
  • Citi Premier Credit Card: Customers can get 3 ThankYou points for every $1 spend on dining and fuel, 2 ThankYou points for every $1 non-AED spend and 1 ThankYou point for every $1 local spend.
  • Citi Rewards Credit Card: Customers can get 1.5 ThankYou points for every $1 grocery and non-AED spend and 1 ThankYou point for every $1 local spend.
  1. Annual Fee

For Citi Rewards Credit Cards, customers will not be charged any annual fee in year 1. From the 2nd year onwards, the annual fee may be waived if the minimum spend criteria of AED 9,000 is met.

  1. Lifestyle Privileges

Cardholders can look forward to exciting lifestyle privileges when they spend with Citi Credit Cards. For example, bearers of the Citi Prestige Credit Card, Citi Premier Credit Card and Citi Rewards Credit Card can have unlimited access to airport lounges across the globe and enjoy movie ticket discounts at VOX Cinemas every month. On top of that, Citi Prestige Credit Cardholders are also entitled to a complimentary 4th night stay at any hotel locally or worldwide.

  1. Pay with Points

Rewards Credit Cards by Citi allow customers to use Pay with Points to offset eligible retail transactions of AED 100 and above with the accrued points via SMS, Citibank Online, or the Citi Mobile App.


Citi Credit Cards help unlock a world of exciting benefits for cardholders. With various Rewards Credit Cards by Citi, customers who love to shop can reap multiple benefits when they use their cards for everyday purchases. As each card is uniquely designed and caters to the customer’s various needs, one must choose a suitable Rewards Credit Card that complements their lifestyle and business requirements. Interested individuals can apply for the Citi Rewards Credit Card of their choice from the official Citi website and enjoy exclusive partner discounts and benefits they are offering.

About Citibank UAE
Citibank UAE offers consumers and institutions a range of financial products and services, including consumer and investment banking, credit cards, and personal loans. Citibank UAE aims to deliver holistic and innovative solutions to clients and meet the increasingly complex strategies of its regional client base in the Middle East in an ever-changing financial landscape.

The content reflects the view of the article’s author and does not necessarily reflect the views of Citi or its employees. Please read the products and offers on the Citibank UAE website for accuracy or completeness of the information presented in the article.

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