A Traveler’s Guide to Renting a Car in Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the seven constituting emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It might not be as popular among tourists as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but it still offers a lot. So, if you are a traveler looking to get a taste of the unexplored parts of UAE, then you must visit Sharjah. Now, if you are looking to travel around in the city, then one of the best ways to do that would be to rent a car. There are a number of car rental companies in Sharjah, so you would get plenty of options. But before you rent, you would need to know about a few things. In this article, we would be talking about the things that you need to keep in mind when you are renting a car in the city.

Rent a Car Online

Rent a Car Online

One of the smartest ways to rent a car in Sharjah is to get it done online. Whether you are flying in from abroad or travelling from other parts of the UAE, this ensures that you will have a car waiting for you when you arrive in the city. This is especially useful if you are looking to rent a car in Sharjah airport. The airport does get busy, even during these times of the pandemic. So, to make things easier for yourself, book a car beforehand.

So, how to do it? Well, it’s quite simple actually. All you need to do is to just log into the website of the car rental company and choose the car that you want. You would find the details of the car and the fees as well. Just enter your details and they would call back and arrange the car at the date and time requested by you.

Documents that You Need


Before you book a service for car rental in Sharjah, or anywhere else in the UAE, you would need to ensure that you have all the documents with you. You can check the website of the company for more details, as different companies might need different documents. In most cases, the following documents would be enough.

For Travelers from Abroad

  • Copy of your valid Passport
  • Visit Visa (with Entry Stamp)
  • Valid Driving License issued by your native country
  • International Driving Permit (IDP)

For Residents of UAE

  • Emirates ID
  • UAE Driving License

TIP: Save Money by Renting for Longer Duration

If you are staying for a week or month, then it would be a better idea to rent for a week or month (as the case may be). Not only does it save you the time and hassle of having to renting a new car every day, it also saves you a good deal of money. Most of the rent a car companies charge you lower fees, if you are renting it for a longer duration. So, you should definitely consider that.

Stay Safe During COVID

The United Arab Emirates has handled the COVID-19 pandemic rather well. Its success lies in the fact that it has been following stringent norms across all its emirates. However, you need to be aware of your safety as well. So, before you book a car in Sharjah, you need to ensure the following:

  • The car is properly sanitized before it is handed over to you. You should ask to see the proof.
  • The executive of the company who would be delivering the car and handling the paperwork, should carry out all the task while maintaining social distancing and zero contact norms.
  • There should be a bottle of sanitizer inside the car at all times.
  • If you have hired a chauffeur as well, then make sure that you see his COVID test results.

Driving in Sharjah

Driving in Sharjah

Sharjah, just like Dubai and the rest of UAE, drives on the right and the driver’s seat is on the left of the car. The traffic laws are stringently followed and if you are not careful, you might end up paying hefty fines. You might have to pay the fines out of your pocket, or it might get deducted from the security deposit that you have paid to the rental company.

So, when you hire a car in Sharjah, make sure that you follow these rules:

  1. ALWAYS maintain a safe distance from cars, even in slow moving traffic. Tailgating might attract a fine of AED 400 (about US$ 108)
  2. DON’T change lanes without warning. It is often seen that cars change multiple lanes without giving the proper warning or even giving the indicator lights. This is a serious offense in UAE traffic laws. You might be fined AED 200 (US$ 54) if you violate the law. You would can be fined the same amount if you are not allowing other cars to move into your lane safely, even after they have indicated it.
  3. SLOW DOWN AT PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS AND INTERSECTIONS. Not doing that is one of the most serious traffic violations. It can attract a fine of AED 500 (US$ 136) or other punitive actions, depending on the scenario.

Parking in Sharjah might not be as nightmarish as it is Dubai. But still, most parking spots in the busier parts of the town remain full for most part of the day. You can ask your rental company for advice about which is the best parking spot that you can avail.

Returning the Car

Car Leasing in Dubai

When you return the car at the end of the rental period, the company would return the security deposit that you have paid to them. If you have damaged the car, or attracted traffic fines, then that amount would be deducted from the deposit.

So, a good tip is to take pictures of the car before you rent it. Also read the paperwork carefully, so that you understand the company policy perfectly before you get their services for car rental in Sharjah.

These are some of the things that every traveller should know before they rent a car in Sharjah. Contact Quick Drive as they are one of the leading car rental companies in UAE offering services in Dubai, Ajman and of course, Sharjah. Call +971 50 106 6595 or visit our website for more details.

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