8 Must-Know Types of Moving Services

Do you feel perplexed while deciding to hire the right kind of moving services in Dubai when you’ve to change apartments (or maybe office space)?

Yes! There are more than 2 types of moving services in Dubai (and around the globe) that you must know. Because not knowing every type may increase your invoice (and frustration due to inability to deliver quality service).

So, we compiled a handy list of different moving services so you can hire the right one for every move.

Types of Moving Services in Dubai

We understand how confusing the moving industry terms could be for you so we’ve kept it as easy as we can for you. Each service, listed under, explains the basic functionality of the service so you can make the right decision according to your moving needs.

Local Moving Service

First, in our list of types of moving services in Dubai, are the local moving services that we all think of when we’ve to change apartment.

You may opt for local moving services if you want move a couple of blocks away from your current apartment or within the 100 miles radius, which is why we often call it interstate moving service, too. Your local moving can be handled greatly by local movers, for example; movers and packers in Dubai marina can help you in your moving from Dubai Marina to the other parts of Dubai such as to JLT, palm jumeirah, Arabian Heights, Al Barsha etc.

Long Distance Moving Service

Suppose, you’re moving to Abu Dhabi from Dubai (instead of Bur Dubai to Deira) then you won’t hire a local moving service. To cover a wider area (more than 100 miles), you will ask for a long-distance moving service.

We hope this would clear your doubts that why we added it to types of moving services in Dubai, right?

International Moving Service

Now comes the 3rd interesting moving type (in our list of types of moving services in Dubai).

When you change the countries (instead of apartment buildings) you’d ask for an expert relocation service provider. Because you won’t be concerned for your furniture but everything that is needed to settle down into a new place. So, ask for international moving service!

Commercial Moving Service

If you need to relocate your office space (or maybe your shop), you’d ask for commercial moving service. This moving service would enable you to have specialized moving techniques and tools to keep your important machinery safe and intact during the move.

Specialty Moving Service

Fifth, in our list of types of moving companies in Dubai, is the specialty moving service.

Sometimes, you want to move unusual items such as your artwork collection, vintage piano, or maybe an old clock that needs special care. For such kind of items, you’d ask for specialty moving services that a common local moving company might not be able to handle.

Car Transportation Service

This one’s easy, right?

As the name implies, this type of service is a wise selection if you want to ship your car to the new location without having to drive it. Just hire a company that offers car transportation and have it delivered into your new apartment (or villa) in a safe and non-exhausting manner.

Truck Rental Service

Are you a travel loving kind?

If so, you’ll find truck rental service a perfect choice for your move. You can hire a truck, load your items onto it and drive off to your new apartment without having to deal with a driver.

Self Service Moving

Contrary to truck rental moving service, here’s another option in types of moving services in Dubai.

With self-storage moving service, you can ask for an expert driver if you’re not in a mood to hire a truck only. Or, you may ask for a mobile moving container, too, with this option and have your items delivered to your new address.

Comment below and let us know which type of moving services in Dubai would you prefer, and why?

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