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6 Steps To Develop Your App According To Global Standards in Dubai

Mobile app development in Dubai is certainly gaining pace these days, but how many businesses do actually know how exactly the app development process flows?

Not much we suppose and that’s the major reason why many of the apps launched these days don’t have much success. Just placing an order to a mobile app development company in Dubai and getting the app built is not the right approach for any business looking to acquire high-ended results from getting involved in app development in the first place.

This approach needs a rudder in the way of a process that’s according to modern, global standards and one that ensures that the app that’s being developed meets its end goal as defined by the business.

Settle On The App Idea

The basic starting point for any app is the idea, but contrary to popular belief, this idea shouldn’t be ambiguous but be definitive.

The firm who needs the app developed should begin with a clear goal in mind i.e. why do they exactly need the app, what should this app entail and what problems should it definitively solve.

Some firms already as facing issues that they believe, can be solved by building an app like inter-office communication or employee engagement, but for some others, the roadmap is not that clear.

For this, they can rely on customer use-cases and research to settle down on what exactly is their most important need at the moment. Once they go through them, they can easily zero in on the options they deem the most important at the moment and get their idea from there.

Once they have an initial idea, they can move on to the next stage.

Check Whether The Idea Has Potential Or Not:

The idea is there, but don’t just jump on to app development yet because you still don’t know whether the idea is viable or not. Sometimes you believe that an app is great but it turns out that that it wasn’t, making your thousands of dollars in app cost go to waste.

You should never opt for this route as this will not just incur you with financial damages but will also waste your time and the window of opportunity you had.

Your idea should be tested through a definitive market research based on metrics like consumer surveys, global trends, available technology, financial viability etc.

Create A Financial Model For Your App:

After you know that there is definitely demand for your app idea, you can then move on to the next stage and this is perhaps the most important one in your app journey overall.

This is the step where you decide a financial model for your app i.e. the way your app will make money.

Just building an app and leaving the decision for how you can make money through it for the end can be disastrous as the financial model has to be taken into consideration before development takes place in order to ensure that the app’s flow is integrated and not forced with the financial model.

There are many financial models out there including premium and freemium apps, solution based apps like the one offered by Uber, subscription based models etc.

To learn why one model is better for your app, you will need to take into account the way your target audience will best respond to the app. You will also have to see the financial metrics and performances of other apps in the niche you are targeting to get an idea of how much money your app can make in that segment.

Choose The App Store:

iOS or Google Play Store or both? This is a crucial question you will need to answer before you can begin the actual development of your app.

For first time app developers, this can be quite confusing because for them, both of these app stores appear the same i.e. as repositories where different OS based apps are made available to their audiences, but nothing could be further away from the truth.

In reality, both of these app stores serve different purposes and are suitable for different strategies. No one strategy could be built to optimize the app for both app stores. For e.g. the Google Play store might seem huge in terms of apps available in overall number but it doesn’t generate as much revenue as much as iOS app store does with its much smaller number of apps.

Strategizing for each app store differently for the same app is another possibility you can entertain, but this could elongate the whole app development process, so its better to know what your specifics and demands are before finalizing an app store to get your app featured in.

Figuring Out The Technicalities:

While most firms who plan to get their mobile app development done, ignore this issue altogether, this should never be the case as these technicalities are what will inform the final working result your app will provide.

From choosing the development platform like Xamarin to determining the best hosting solution like in-house or cloud based, these technicalities will drastically affect your app’s performance, responsiveness, scalability and availability.

So its best to sit with the app development company you’ve hired for this task and get to know what best possibilities are available for your app and which ones you should likely opt for after going through each of their pros and cons.

The App Development Stage:

Finally, after getting through with all the groundwork, you can know send your app for development.

For this stage, you should know the exact timelines, deliverables and the final launch data planned for your app as this will help you build a launch and marketing strategy for the tasks. On top of this, you should also see to it whether the app development firm in Dubai you’ve hired for the task is aligned with your expectations.

Moreover, make sure that you have enough time for revision and feedback’s for the app before finalizing it in order to ensure that the app is ready as per expectations on the launch date.


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