5 Crucial Points For a Long Lasting Car in Dubai

If you’re reading this article, then you are probably asking yourself

“What should I do to maintain my car for the longest time without any problems?”

Whether it is to sell your car or keep it in a condition to pass it on to your kids, there is a way we can do that.

And lucky for you, the answer is simple. Here are five simple yet clever points that will help you elongate the lifetime of your car.

1. It’s All About The Wheels, Remember?

It is not fun at all to find yourself with a flat tire in the middle of the street while being stressed out, right?

So make sure to examine those tires frequently. If possible check the air pressure in your tires once in 2 weeks or at least once a month at the gas station.

Another good thing to know is how to change the tires when they go flat. Because that skill will come in very handy when there is no one to help.

Every car generally comes with a spare tire of the same size or a slightly smaller one. If yours comes in a slightly smaller size, make sure to change it at the earliest. It is only a temporary solution.

2. Take A Look At The Engine Oil, A Must-Do.

To do this you will need to follow a few easy steps:

  • Make sure the car is sitting on a leveled surface
  • Lift the hood of your car
  • Locate the dipstick
  • Pull the dipstick out and wipe it off with a tissue or cloth
  • Put it back in and then remove it again to check the level on the dipstick

If the level of the oil is between low and full, then congratulations you’re good to go. If not, then get your engine oil changed from any service or petrol station. Most of the Adnoc petrol pumps can help you with this.

Make sure to do this every once-in-a-while to avoid any problem.

3. Time to be Cool(ant) For The Hot Weather

As a car owner in the UAE, you know you just cannot live without this. Well, yes. Literally. The summer in the UAE has its reputation for a reason.

The cooling system of your car has to cope with cool weather and the burning hot summer of the middle east. For this, you need to check the coolant level just like how you checked the engine oil.

  • Make sure the car is sitting on a leveled surface
  • Lift the hood of your car
  • Locate the coolant
  • Check the level coolant

Your coolant needs to be between the minimum and maximum level.

This is crucial, yet often ignored by many drivers, So don’t be one of them if you want your precious car to hang in there for a long time.

4. Schedule Filter Cleaning Time

We can’t live without air right? The same goes for cars actually.

Clean filtered air is as important for your engine as it is to your life. Hence, an inadequate free-flowing supply of air to the engine will make the internal combustion process impossible.

That is why it’s important to keep an eye on it every now and then, to see if it’s damaged, dirty, or has any problem to avoid reducing your engine’s output.

Fortunately, air filters are changed during regular service, the one that you have to do after every 10,000kms or so (it differs from car to car). Now you have even more reason to stick to the appointments.

5. Jump Start Cables Are For Cool Kids

Imagine getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with your family on a road trip to Fujairah. Not fun at all!

This is exactly why you should keep jump-start cables and also know a little bit about how to use them.

This one is easy as long as you do not mix up the terminals and put the positive to positive, and negative to negative.

So there you have it. The simplest ways to ensure your car is well maintained over a long course of time.

By following these simple steps, you not only extend the lifetime of your car but also improve the value of your car.

Like you can see, most of these things you can either do yourself or get some outside help from time to time. No rocket science stuff, no excuses…

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