5 Companies That Require Translation Services in Dubai

Translation industry is booming especially in global cities like Dubai helping companies communicate effectively. Translation providers make communication between companies and their customers easier and enable brands to overcome language barriers and engage their audiences all over the world. Most industries require translation services for their progress, but we will mention here the top seven companies that most require translation services in Dubai.

1. Legal consultants

Legal consultants and law firms necessarily require certified translation services in Dubai of their legal documents and cases. Dubai is a global community embracing many investors, workers and immigrants from all over the world who do know English language, and their legal documents must be translated to be in both their local language and in Arabic as per UAE rules and laws.

The parties to the case may be from different countries, say one party from India and another party from England, and the documents provided in the case are in English and Hindi. All documents in this case must be translated to be in three languages, English, Hindi and Arabic as per court rules in Dubai, including agreements, certificates, declarations, police reports, witness statements, tests, and judgments. Only one entity is authorized to do this task, i.e. legal translation offices in Dubai who are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice to provide certified legal translation to legal consultants and individuals.

Translation of legal documents is highly critical and must be 100% accurate as any mistake even in one word may affect the meaning of the original document, and lead to many legal problems in the case. In case you need legal translation services in Dubai, you should exert your best effort in selecting the best translation provider to save your time, effort and money.

2. Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Medical translation is crucial to the residents of a multicultural city like Dubai. People and businesses alike require translation of medical prescriptions and manuals, medical reports, and records describing side-effects, dosage, and indications, in addition to medical researches and theses.

The translation of such medical documents is very important as related to the lives of people and any mistake may endanger the lives of patients. Therefore, you choose your medical translator carefully to ensure the highest level of accuracy of your medical documents.

3. Financial Auditors

Most medium and big companies undergo financial audit as per the laws and regulations imposed by the UAE government. This audit involves many documents, records and contracts, reports, and correspondence that must be translated to be in Arabic in accordance with local laws.

The translation of financial documents must be done by a specialized translator duly licensed by the UAE government to provide certified translation of financial and legal documents. The auditor must coordinate with the translators to provide him with accounting details and terminology used by the company as most of the audit documents are highly sensitive. Being a premium provider of translation services in Dubai to a large pool of audit and accounting clients, we advise you to carefully choose your financial translator who has deep knowledge and long experience in the finance industry.

4. Travel and Tourism Companies

Dubai is a magical city to which people from all over travel for pleasure and work. Most travel sites must publish their content in many languages in order to easily communicate with their audience. In addition to travel websites, travel agencies need to translate brochures, flyers, catalogues, cards and more into the languages of their target tourists.  Moreover, the hotel industry is blooming in Dubai and needs translation of each marketing materials, starting from menus till online offers and posts.

5. E-Commerce platforms

E-commerce is essential in Dubai as most customers prefer to shop online using their mobile phones. The E-commerce websites, like Noon, Souq and Amazon need to translate all their product details in several languages to reach customers who speak different languages in UAE, and such details include product names, displays, descriptions, and reviews. Machine translation is not a good way for translating the changing content of E-commerce websites, and a human translator who has linguistic proficiency and experience in this industry is the optimal way for providing creative translation of your E-commerce platform.

Finally, most industries require translation services in Dubai to carry out their transactions and target new markets and new customers speaking different languages, but we here just highlighted the top five industries based on our experience as providers of translation Services in Dubai.

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