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5 Best Alexa Devices That Everyone Should Use!

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service available on millions of devices on Amazon. It helps you to operate your device with your voice. An app has been designed to operate Alexa devices for the ease of their customers. Open the app and start talking to Alexa to get information about the device you are going to operate. You can command Alexa to turn on the lights by using your voice and it will be done. Ask Alexa to play music, the music will be played. How interesting it is to use an Alexa device! Amazon has introduced various Alexa devices to meet the demands of its valuable customers. You can use them to enjoy their features yourself or you can gift them to your loved ones. In this article, I am going to share the 5 best Alexa Devices that everyone should use to make their life easier. There is an interesting thing to note that Amazon offers various Amazon discounts on Alexa devices that make them affordable to buy. The following are the best Alexa devices you should buy.

1. Amazon echo dot (5th generation) speaker with clock, Glacier

It is an amazing device to operate, you can ask Alexa to recite the Holy Quran, play music, and set alarms by using this device. The sound will be managed by Alexa to the extent you want. You can manage your chores along with the music you want just by commanding the voice. This device has an LED display that shows time and thus works as a clock. You can check weather updates through the LED display as it has a temperature sensor too. This helps you to detect temperature variations in your room. You can use both English and Khaleeji Arabic languages to command Alexa for operating devices. It is easy to operate the device. You just have to plug in the device and connect it to the Wi-Fi. Everything else will be done by voice assistant, and Alexa will operate your device according to your demands. Set your prayer reminders, alarms and verses to be recited by using this amazing device. Thus, you control your house by voice by using this amazing device. You can buy this device from Amazon for AED 279.99. Get a discount on this device by using Amazon UAE discount codes and enjoy the amazing features at a reasonable price.

2. Best display Echo Show 10, along with motion, Bluetooth, and Alexa

It is a wired device having an HD screen of about 10.1 inches along with a slope. There is a 13-megapixel camera inserted into this device. You can place this device in your kitchen to get recipes along with video and audio features. Ask Alexa to play a recipe video according to the available ingredients. You can compare your food in process with the one you see in the video. It will help you to be a chef at your home. Easily operate this device over a voice and concentrate on your cooking. You will not have to start and stop the video as Alexa will be managing everything for you. This device can be operated in both English and Arabic languages. You can set reminders, watch tv shows, and Netflix even by sitting in your kitchen doing some chores. The function of the camera inserted in it will help you to make video calls with your loved ones. You can buy this device from Amazon Deals for AED 1099.99 which is quite affordable to buy.

3. TP-Link Tapo 2K QHD outdoor security camera, works with Alexa and Google Home

This security camera has a two-way audio feature that helps you to speak and listen directly to the people outside your home. You can see the video of a person coming your way as it has 2k high-definition quality video. There is a siren inserted in the device that acts as a motion detector. It is a waterproof device; thus, no water can affect the performance of this device. It has a range of up to 30 meters to capture all the movements happening there. The best feature is that you can operate it by using a voice command. You can buy this device from Amazon for AED 239 which is quite affordable.

4. Sony WH-CH720N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, with Bluetooth

It is a wireless headphone set with a noise-canceling feature. It has a long battery life of about 35 hours. You can connect this device to your mobile phone, computer, laptop, LED, and other devices by using a Bluetooth connection. This feature makes it a usable device. There is an assistant button that can be operated over voice. Ask Alexa to connect it with your mobile phone, and it will be done. You can connect two devices with these headphones at a time. You can enjoy your video games and music by using these wireless headphones with amazing sound quality. It cancels the effect of unwanted noise to deliver high-quality sound effects. You can buy this device from Amazon for AED 419.

5. Weekett Smart Kettle. 1.7L, silver, with digital temperature control 2200W

This is kitchen equipment made of stainless steel and works to keep liquids warm for a longer period. It has the capacity of storing 1.7L of liquid in it. Since it is an Alexa device, you can operate this device over Wi-Fi. Command Alexa to boil water at a specific temperature, and it will be done. It has a special feature of keeping water and milk warm for an hour, which makes it a usable device for mothers to feed their babies. You can change the temperature range up to 100 degrees Celsius. It will automatically be switched off when the temperature limit reaches. You don’t have to manage it manually as Alexa will be there for you anytime you will need it. There is a two-year Warranty available on this device. You can buy this amazing device from Amazon for AED 429.36.

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